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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Moving + Video Updates

If you've seen my January Ipsy Review blog post or video you may have heard me mention that I'm moving soon.

Throughout March I will be moving into an apartment with my boyfriend and my Dog who currently lives with my Mom in Toronto. I've barely been uploading videos or blogging, but once I move I won't have to worry about 5 roommates and lack of lighting so I can make videos whenever I want without the worry of being judged for talking to myself.

I want to either blog or make videos about the move showing how I set up my space as I will be buying a whole new desk specifically for makeup storage and will have a much nicer set up in general. I also want to show you guys how I'm decorating and incorporating cool tips for how to decorate your first apartment while on a budget because my boyfriend and I are both university students, which means we are masters of budgeting.

If you like the idea of me documenting the move and decorating let me know! I'll most likely film it either way.

As for regular videos I will try my best to upload as much as I can, but with Two (possibly three) jobs and school there isn't much time left in the day to film when there's sunlight (my room lighting sucks poop). When school is done in May I will definitely get onto a good uploading schedule and do as many requested videos as I possible can.

Let me know what you think and what you want to see!

Amy Sousa