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Friday, April 24, 2015

Video + blog requests

Hello future readers who will hopefully read this blog! (I'm totally delusional, but I shall continue either way)

I don't know what you want to see. I have a few ideas of videos to make, but I'm not sure about specifics. For example, I know I want to do something that has to do with fashion (clothing based), but I'm not sure if you want to see OOTD's, my favourite pieces in each category, my favourite complete outfits, etc. What do YOU want to see specifically? Same thing goes with makeup looks. Send me links to pictures for me to recreate them.

Soon I'll be posting some sort of questions and answers video because it's been ages since the last one, and hopefully in a month or so there will be a boyfriend tag video up on my channel.

I'm writing this while on a study break for my last exam for my second year! I'm feeling good about this one at least. But I'm procrastinating on the readings. Anyways, that's not interesting at all.

TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE! I'll listen to you carefully, I promist!

Now back to studying. I'll write soon.

Also, I didn't make a blog post for this, but a few weeks ago I posted my February+March Ipsy review, which is also my FINAL video for ipsy as I have unsubscribed from the service. There is a lot more information and a good explanation in the video so click HERE to see it!

See ya later!