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Friday, May 01, 2015

Makeup Geek Foiled + Regular Eyehadows ~ Review

Ok. I know this isn't as big of a deal as I'm about to make it seem, but I'm really excited.

Marlena AKA Makeup Geek just released her brand new foiled eyeshadows! I of course pre-ordered them and have just received mine yesterday, but I'm already in love with the formulation.

I've never owned a foiled eyeshadow before, and I've only owned two makeup geek eyeshadows in "Hipster" and "Shimma Shimma", but I knew I'd love all her stuff.  I bought ten eyeshadows, 5 foiled and 5 regular eyeshadows.

For the regular eyeshadows I got in order:

Prom Night
CoaCoa Bear

The top is with flash and the bottom is without.

They're all super pigmented (better than Mac quality) and only $5.99 (American) each. Now moving on to the reason that I ordered. The Foiled eyeshadows.

For the foiled eyesahdows I got these colours in this order:

In the spotlight
Flame Thrower
Centre Stage

The top photo is with flash and the bottom is without.

As you can see the pigmentation is incredible. These are all done with one swipe and no primer whatsoever.

The foiled eyeshadows are $9.99 (USD) each.

The shipping was very fast as well. It took a week (including the weekend) to arrive at my apartment, and I live in Canada. These eyeshadows shipped from down in the states so that's really fast for the cheapest shipping option.

Overall I think Makeup Geek eyeshadows are the best single eyeshadows you can purchase, and I'm holding myself back from saying that they're the best eyeshadows in general because I don't own too big of a variety of eyeshadows.

I definitely want to try the blushes and anything else Marlena is working on!

I hope you enjoyed this quick review! I will be posting a video review on these eyeshadows in the near future (1-2 weeks from now most likely) so keep a look out for that! Bye for now, I'll see you soon.

Amy Sousa