First Fall Tutorial of 2015 ~ Colour Series Orange - Pretty In Bronze

Sunday, September 20, 2015

First Fall Tutorial of 2015 ~ Colour Series Orange

Hello beauties and welcome (especially to those of you from Beau Bloggers!) This post is more of a video post (as per usual), but this is my first fall tutorial for 2015! I used mainly drugstore (and drugstore priced) products for my look mixed in with a few higher end basics that I always use. Here's the actual video and for those of you who would rather not watch the video tutorial I can explain the basic products that I used.  I've linked the higher end products down below the video.


Face (Most not shown in video)


There really isn't any explaining to do to attain this look. If you aren't watching the tutorial you're probably better at makeup than I am and understand how to apply the makeup. Basically I started with the dark brown from the pallette in the crease, which honestly I regret doing as it made the orange not show up as much as I would've liked. Thankfully the makeup geek shadow is crazy pigmented so it ended up well. The eyeliner was a huge fail considering it's starting to dry out and I cannot for the life of me do well with my eyeliner while filming, but It's just a regular wing.