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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Erin Condren Life Planner Review

Hello! This is a blog post I've been meaning to write for a very very long time. So I'm going to do this super informally and just use headings for everything I'm going to talk about

The Planner Itself

This is a daily planner that includes the entire year of 2016. I paid an extra 5 bucks when I ordered it back in July to include all of that month up to the end of 2015 so I could enjoy the planner beforehand.  The planner I got is the Personalized metallic Life Planner in the white with gold foiled designs. This option is $65.00 USD, but you can get a ready to ship planner (without having your name on it) for $50.00 USD.  You can get a rose gold planner, but that's an extra 15 bucks. Click HERE to visit the website.

Picture taken from Erin Condren's website (same planner as mine, except for the last name)

What Comes When You Order a Planner

When you order the planner the shipping depends all on where you live. The planner comes with a few stickers, but you can also order a few accessories. These are the ones that I ordered

 (This last one is my own picture of what came along with the planner (nothing extra purchased)).

A Look Inside:

These first two are weeks that have already happened and obviously I'm awful at drinking water. I need to do that more often :(
The last pic is obviously a future week, but I wanted to show you how I plan things out beforehand.

Stickers (not from Erin Condren)

Ok so half the excitement is the planner and the other half are the stickers that I ordered to help me organize the planner itself. Originally I didn't even know that this planner existed, but Elle Fowler on youtube introduced me to this and stickers that you can use to customize the planner further. As you've seen in the pictures above every month has it's own specific colour. Every year the colours stay the same, which is great for the stickers that you can buy for the planner. As of right now I've only ordered stickers from two different shops and those are PurpleDogwoodDesigns and PlannerStickerPlus

PurpleDogwoodDesigns here    

   and PlannerStickerPlus here :)

I actually also had a mini september kit from PlannerStickerPlus, but I used it all up so there was no point in keeping the sheet, but you can look up whatever you want on their Etsy pages!

I used PSP for September because I ordered the stickers late and they're coming from much closer to me shipping wise. The stickers for this shop are great for different categories and events such as going to the movies, grocery shopping, periods tracking, and little things like that. For my actual organizing I used PDWD for my to do lists, event flags, full boxes, weekend banners, and all of the more structural stuff. Honestly these two stores are amazing (especially for the prices if you're in Canada and don't want to pay a ridiculous amount for shipping).

I only bought two things outside of Etsy and Erin condren for the planner and those two things were Pens and Washi Tape both from Amazon:

That's it for my review! Hopefully it was way better than the terrible quality video I attempted to film for it. If you've read so far here's my coupon code to get 10 bucks off the planner or anything you order off of the website!  When you use this link I won't get anything unless you actually make an order. If you order with my link I will receive a 10 dollar credit on my account to use on Erin Condren's website, but at that point you will receive your own link so really you save 10 and I make 10 :D

I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope to write again soon!