Fall Favourite TAG - Pretty In Bronze

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fall Favourite TAG

Hello again!   This week I'm doing a  TAG video and blogpost. These are a lot easier to write about because it allows me to link everything as I talk about it. The actual video is at the bottom of this post if you would rather watch that :) Remember if you do to watch it on youtube so you can see who's been tagged and all that :)

So here are the questions for the tag:


Favorite Candle 

Warm Vanilla Sugar (Bath and Body Works) by far. It's super warm scented and smells like you're baking a vanilla cake. It's not overwhelming at all, but the scent is strong enough to make the entire room and hallway smell amazing.

Favorite Lip Color: I have three: 1. Just So by Revlon 2. Cosmo by Mac 3. Purply pink? (Fail)By Lancome. These are my three favourites for years, but I know I'm going to have at least two other favourites being 1. Kat Von D's Vampira and 2. MAC's Speak Louder.

Favorite Drink French Vanilla from Timmies (Tim Horton's). Apparently there isn't any caffeine in it, but it wakes me up really quickly (maybe it's the amount of sweeteners that I put in).

Favorite Blush: Coastal Scents Blush Duo in Forever Blush. It has a warmer side (Fresh) that looks really good while blended closely to my bronzer because we all know I'm not a fan of blush AT ALL. I only want to try that one luminoso blush by milani and an hour glass one before I make it definitive. 

Favorite Clothing Item: Sweat pants are my number one for a variety of reasons including comfort, wearing leggings underneath them to make them super warm, and when I eat a large meal they help conceal my food baby. Scarves - I have a lot of those to help make my black winter jacket not look so plain jane!  I also have like 7-9 pairs of boots when most girls I know have two- maybe three?

Favorite Fall Movie: Twitches (Both of them), Halloween Town (entire series),The Brothers Grimm and The Corpse Bride (can you sense a theme?)

Favorite Fall TV Show: Once Upon a Time season 5 is coming out yayayayayyayayay! And The Vampire Diaries (even though I'm incredibly behind)

Favorite Thanksgiving Food: Turkey and it's glorious Gravy!

Favorite Halloween Costume: From what I've been in the past: Luigi. For what I want to be: Persephone or Aphrodite (easy I know), Alice in Wonderland (original or Tim Burton Themed)  or Little Red Riding Hood (a darker version).

That's it for my fall favourites this year! I'll make one again next year if a lot changes, but I doubt they will other than favourite costumes and possibly favourite blush (If I can find one that I would actually not be afraid to put on).  I hope you've enjoyed the tag and if you watch me on youtube and I also watch you, check out the downbar (Description box?) to see if you were tagged. Even if you weren't I'd love it if you did the tag and linked it to me :) In my video I added a tenth question (which is the second part of favorite Halloween costume, where I mention what I dream to be for Halloween) so it'd be awesome to see people doing that as well!

Have a great week everyone!

Amy Sousa