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Saturday, February 20, 2016

My Negative Zala Experience + Extension Review
February 20, 20160 Comments

I can break this down pretty quickly for those of you who don't want to watch the entire video. First I'll talk about the bad experience and then I'll have a mini review on the actual product.

My bad experience:

  • They forgot to ship the hair out in time so it was an extra week and a bit late (ordered 7th of december and didn't receive until the 24th)
    • They gave me a $15 credit for being late so whatever
  • They sent me the wrong colour (a medium brown when I ordered their dirty blonde)
  • When I emailed them telling them their mistake, they kept saying "no that's the right colour. It's just the lighting"
  • It was obviously the wrong colour and they didn't want to reimburse me
  • They told me that "honey blonde" looked like a better match for me EVEN THOUGH I ORIGINALLY ASKED THEM TO MATCH ME AND THEY SAID DIRTY BLONDE
  • I sent the hair back with my own money
  • They finally admitted fault when they received the hair and it was too dark (obviously)
  • They did not apologize for their mistake
  • They sent the correct dirty blonde this time and didn't mention giving me money for my shipping and material costs
  • I had to badger them to send me money, which they eventually did
  • I got the right extensions at the very end of January, almost two months after I originally ordered
  • They sent me 20 AUD (19 something CAD) for the extra money I had to spend and still did not apoligize

If you have any questions please ask and I will answer to the best of my ability.

The actual extensions
  • Great quality
  • Thick
  • 100% real human remy hair (I took them into a salon to make sure)
  • Hair is great, just hated the service I received

Their free gift (zala mascara) was absolute crap so I definitely don't recommend that. 

Overall: This was my own experience with the company and in most cases they won't mess up that badly. Because of my experience I will NEVER be ordering off of Zala again, but the hair is great quality so if you don't care about bad customer service and waiting two months (if they mess up) then go for it.

If this little writing blurb was too weird and annoying for you just watch the video. I'm on pain meds from my wisdom teeth removal and can't be bothered to write an in depth review after sitting down for 20 minutes to talk about it.

See you soon!