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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Makeup Forever Canada Artist Rouge Lipsticks Launch Party
August 10, 20160 Comments
Hello all! Well, hello to my one follower *waves frantically*. I haven't written in a very long time and my only excuse is "life".  I shall explain a few things at the bottom of this post after the interesting stuff.

Where do I even start. Ah, yes. Makeup Forever Canada sent me an email invitation to their Artist Rouge launch party in Toronto. Needless to say I was very very excited because MUFE is a brand I love (specifically their foundations) and this is the first time I've ever been invited to anything by a brand. Fast forward to last Thursday, the night of the party. I brought along one of my oldest and dearest friends Gabi (short for Gabriella) and walked to the party from my work.

The Event

The event was amazing! We walked on a red carpet to the guard who checked our ID's (It was a 19+ event because of the open bar).

Here's a picture of me standing at the red carpet (minus paparazzi because they don't care)

Upon our arrival, we registered and were offered champagne, which I gladly accepted. Music was pumping the entire night (well, the two hours that was the event.)

We ate cheese and crackers and checked out the open bar before we lined up for our free lipstick applications.

Gabby chose black because she's never worn a black lipstick before, while I went for a bright blue (which totally clashed with my outfit by the way) because I'm weird and thought "I only have one chance to have a colour applied by a makeup artist for free at an event full of makeup lovers—bright it is!" In reality I love blue and don't care about getting weird looks on the street (we got stared at A LOT.)

Also, the backgrounds contained hashtags for us to use on the internet such as:

#myartistrouge and #getyourboldon

Gabbi and I took this cute picture (we only got
one so I kept the physical because I don't have enough printed pictures and only thought it was fair because I got invited to the event and I'm selfish).

We got freebies upon leaving the event (which they didn't mention so we were STOKED). MUFE gave us each two of the lipsticks, which retail at $27 CAD each! And to top it off I got a limited edition colour... BLUE, but a deeper satin finish blue that I'm excited to use. I also received a medium purple colour.  When I do go back to filming again I'll make sure to do a look that works with both colours so I can actually show you them! I did vlog the event, so if you want to skip to 13:20 on the video below you can watch my journey!

Over the past few months I've moved back to Toronto for my summer co-op with a company that I've loved for many years. Because of this, my blog posts have stopped abruptly and my filming has slowed down.  I also have a full summer course that I have not started and only have three weeks to complete (talk about procrastination).

Because of this I will not be posting another video until the beginning or middle of September. I explain more in the video above!

I will try to post instagram pictures of my makeup every once in awhile and perhaps I will review the lipsticks through a blog post and photos if I get the time within the next week... or few weeks... or never. We'll just have to see how I manage work and school for these last few weeks of summer!

I hope to be back soon! In the slight chance that you are reading this, please leave a comment asking me anything about the event, requests, or anything else!

Bye for now