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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Egyptian Magic ~ Uses! (Will change occasionally)
January 25, 20170 Comments

Hello! Months ago I uploaded a video talking about the Egyptian Magic All-Purpose Skin Cream! At the time I had only used it for a few things, but on camera I tried a few things out for the first time. I said that I would put up a blog post with all of the uses that are listed on the website, along with an explanation on if I tried it or not as well as info on what happened if I did. It's a few months late, but here it is! I've also added my own uses at the very end (they'll be in a different colour). This blog post will change once in a while as I try it out for more of the uses or as my opinions change. I'll add the video to the bottom of this post, but here's an awkward picture of me holding the jar!

#1: Amazing moisturizer - Very true. I take a small amount and rub it between my fingers and apply it to wherever my skin feels a bit dry. This isn't my everyday moisturizer because I don't want to waste it, but when my skin is irritated from being dry this is my go to!

#2: Healing Burns - Thankfully I have not had to try this yet. Steven, however, is very clumsy and always burns himself so next time I'm going to try this on him!

#3: Treating Cuts and Scrapes - I have used this on cuts (my dog enjoys jumping on me and struggling when I'm cutting his nails) so this has come in handy. It definitely made the cut stop stinging. I did not see a scar, but I usually don't scar easily unless the cut is deep or if it's on my face (I'm looking at you acne scars!)

#4: Fading scars - I don't know why I haven't tried this yet. I think I'll start tonight on my face and my shoulder!

#5: Eczema & Psoriasis Relief - Yes yes yes! I have Eczema and this definitely gave me relief! Thankfully my eczema only lasts for three months out of the year so now I just have a few scars left that I will start working on tonight!

#6: Hair Conditioner - Again I have not tried this because I do not want to waste the product. I probably won't end up trying it for this, but let me know if you have!

#7: Lip Balm - This works pretty well as a lip balm! It's not my favourite because it fades off easily (I'm a lip biter), but as a lip mask over night it's quite nice!

#8: After shave - I completely forgot to get Steven to try this out. It'll be hard to convince him because he fears all things oil (he doesn't understand that it won't make his skin permanently oily)

#9: After Sun Lotion- Unfortunately it's still winter here and true sunlight is scarce. In the Spring and Summer I'll update this.

#10: Vaginal Moisturizer and Lubricant - Hahahahah yeah I tried it once. It works. That's all I'm going to say.

#11: Hand and Cuticle cream -  Hand cream yes. Very nice and moisturizing and it doesn't stay oily for long so I can go back to typing and using my phone very quickly without any residue!

#12: Makeup remover - I have tried this one time, but I don't think I did it right (as I mentioned in the video review). I'm currently wearing a full face of makeup with a very hard to remove liquid lipstick so tonight I'll try this the proper way and I'll let you know how it goes!

#13: Eye Cream - I've tried this once, but I wasn't a huge fan of it. It might work ok for you if you don't currently have an eye cream that you enjoy. I actually have one that I absolutely love so that's probably why this wasn't my favourite.

#14: Massage Balm - Would you believe that Steven still hasn't tried this out on me? I think it's time to talk him into a nice massage.

#15: Tattoo Aftercare - I'm hoping to get my next tattoo in the spring or summer so I'll update you then!

#16: Diaper Rash - Unfortunately there are no babies to try this out on. I mean, there are babies, but we rarely see them so I'd feel awkward bringing my little tub and saying: "Does little ____ have a diaper rash? Let me know and you can try this out!" I'm sure I'll be able to try this out one day, but not in the near future. Probably not with the same tub.

#17: During and After Pregnancy - Again, I won't be able to try this out for a few years, but if this blog still exists I'll update it during my future pregnancy! I'm sure I'll be filming videos throughout since those are some of my favourites to watch! I'm weird, I know.

#18: Makeup Primer - I have not, and likely will not try it just because this doesn't work too well with my morning face care, and it would use up the product way too quickly. But I can see this being really nice for a natural day when you're only using powder foundation and a few other things!

#19: Hydrating Face Mask - I do want to try this, but so far my skin hasn't completely freaked out on me so I don't feel like using the amount required for this until then. Man I really haven't tried most of these!

#20: Cracked Heels and Elbows - This works well! I put this on my feet and immediately put on fluffy socks (I feel like those help with this) and at the end of the day my heels are much softer!

#21: Highlighter! - I tried this out on camera and was very pleasantly surprised by how pretty it looks! I wouldn't wear this on top of foundation as it may break it down, but on a no makeup day this will give such a nice glow! Recently I've been wearing makeup maybe twice a week so this makes me look like I'm actually alive.

#22: Brow Gel - I also tried this on camera and it worked pretty well! Again, I probably wouldn't wear this with brow makeup underneath, but if I just want to tame my brows a bit this works amazingly!

#23: Natural Mascara - Another use that I tried out on camera. This worked ok, but I don't know if it was noticeable enough to be worth it. You can be the judge of that based on my video below! You can skip to the last third of the video and see it somewhere near there.

#24: Dry/Cracking Dog Paws - Chewy doesn't usually get dry paws, but when he does I put this on. Most of our living space is covered in carpet so it doesn't leave any paw prints, but it does make a difference. I also put this on his nails after I file them so they aren't so sharp and it gives his cuticles a bit of a condition.

#25: Raw nose from having a cold - This past week I've been so sick. I've gone through two entire tissue boxes as well as one entire toilet paper role. This has caused my nose to become raw on the sides and it is painful. I decided to try this out last night as I don't wake up to blow my nose so there's healing time. This was so good! Anything that I would put on—including water—would burn. This didn't burn one bit and immediately soothed the slightly raw skin. I highly recommend trying this out if you get runny noses frequently. Especially if you live in Canada! 

Here's the video! I don't have a speck of makeup on so you can truly see what it looks like :) All opinions are 100% my own. Just because I get something for free doesn't mean that I'll automatically lie about it. I didn't get paid to make the video or this post... or at all for that matter :D