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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Anastasia Beverly Hills Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit Swatches

Hello! I should've posted this a few weeks ago when I received it considering there weren't too many swatch posts at the time, but oh well. I got this glow kit during an early release on the  Sephora App! This is the first glow kit I've ever purchased from ABH and boy am I happy with it. I was concerned at first because a lot of reviewers say that the glow kits are very inconsistent (like the ultimate glow kit not being as good as the original or moon child), but I was very relieved when I swatched these and tried them on my face.

As you can see, this palette is not meant for porcelain skin. I've seen a lot of complaints about this being too dark for fair skin and not dark enough for deep complexions. I'll never understand these complaints on collaborations such as this because it's supposed to work for Nicole's skin tone! That's the entire reason that I bought this. If I were to create products with a brand I wouldn't be worrying about what skin tones to focus on... I'd focus on what suits mine. Right now I'm at my lightest and most of these work great! I know for sure that when I'm at my regular summer shade (my Brazilian skin tans easily) ALL of these will work, with Forever lit being a bit too light on its own. I'm thrilled that Nicole chose these colours as they suit her skin tone and many other people who often have to pick something a bit too light or a bit too dark (or mix the two).

These are swatches on the under side of my arm! The top of my arm is actually darker and matches my face better, so these swatches don't look quite as dark on there. As you can see, a lot of these shades are very similar with different undertones. I'm completely fine with this as I don't need more than three different results from a highlighting palette. All I need in terms of highlighting is an out there palette (Like the KVD Alchemist palette or the Moonchild palette (but that one isn't available on Sephora so I doubt that'll ever happen)).  I do find some a bit too similar, so I can understand the complaints. Here's a different angle and a quick video shot with flash.

Here are a few pictures of some of the shades on my face! I wasn't wearing any foundation (just concealer directly under my eyes) so they don't look nearly as intense as they usually do on top of a base. I'm also still a newbie and used my phone without my umbrella lights so that also makes it not look as amazing, but I swear they're awesome! I applied a tiny amount to my eyes for the last two photos as well (no eyeshadow today—just mascara). The only shade that I wasn't wearing was Kitty Kat, but it's really beautiful! I just ran out of space on my face. My dog on the other hand... you'll see.
Glo Getter on the cheekbone
Forever Lit down my nose
Forever Young on the cheekbone and 143 on the lid
The crappiest photo of them all!  Day Dream on the lid.

The formula is beautiful! All of these swatch very easily and are pigmented. I swatched all of these like I would in a Sephora (and I'm not that rude customer that greedily digs into it because it's free) and did one long swipe of each on my arm. I didn't go over any of the shades, which is why some might look less pigmented than others. The last three are the most intense in my opinion along with Kitty Kat. Forever Lit is very light and is probably the least pigmented, but that's ok because I use it most for the inner corners of my eyes, on the tip of my nose, eyebrow highlight, and mixed with the lighter shades if I really want to look metallic.

Here's one final picture! My pictures really don't do this palette justice. For whatever reason (probably the shine) my camera didn't want to focus properly.

Do I recommend this palette? Absolutely, IF you aren't very pale or very deep. If you have a light medium to dark medium skin tone this will work very well! I know I'll be using these for eyeshadows (especially 143 because gold is my favourite), but I don't think they promote this use for them. Regardless, I think this is beautiful and highly recommend :) The packaging is also very nice. There isn't a mirror, but I don't expect a mirror in every single makeup product—especially products like these where you're probably not going to bring this on its own with you for touchups.

This palette retails for $52.00 CAD at Sephora (including online) and I am unsure of how long it'll be around. I'm not going to buy a backup because I don't think I'll ever go through all of the shades. Go swatch it if you have the chance though! Unless you're light as paper, you might be surprised at how many of these might work on your skin. I know I've seen several bloggers with lighter skin than myself wearing some of the lighter shades and it works well!

I lied. Here's a picture of my dog's paw with Kitty Kat on it when he stepped on my fan brush.

Bye for now!

*I bought this with my own money (Well, with a gift card that I got from Steven's dad at Christmas 😉)