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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Moor Spa  ~ Natural body care product review
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The lovely team at Moor Spa reached out to me a few months ago regarding natural body products! I was sent a moisturizer, a herbal bath, and a massage balm to try out for a little while and share my thoughts. I've been using these products for almost a month now so I feel confident in my opinions!

Moor Spa Natural only uses natural ingredients while remaining vegan and cruelty free. This may be obvious since I already said their products are natural, but they also 100% naturally sourced, free of toxins, parabens, and chemicals. This is a huge plus for me because I have normal to sensitive skin, especially on my legs, specifically my shin area, so finding a moisturizer that doesn't irritate my skin is fairly hard to do.

Moor Spa Purifying Massage Balm - MSRP $25 CAD

Website: "As soon as the product touches the skin it melts into a liquid oil which has a superb glide and warms up remarkably quickly. Also, by comparison with massage oils and lotions, only half the quantity of  balm is needed."

This is nice! I've used this a few times because Steven refuses to give me a massage every day, but it's always been very nice. The scent is very light and it feels very nice on my skin. My back wasn't irritated at all minus the redness from Steven giving me a massage. This is probably due to there not being much friction since this is very smooth and silky feeling. The product claims to be non-greasy and I was surprised to see that an oil can actually be non greasy. You have to try it to understand! I did not get a rash from this product and it didn't make my pj's feel or smell gross afterwards!

Moor Spa Herbal Bath - MSRP $11 (or 5 for $45) CAD

Website: The water-soluble nutrients in the Moor create a soothing and purifying effect for the whole body. Take a Moor bath for a relaxing, reinvigorating bathing experience.

This was very fun for me! I don't currently have a bathtub where I live, but my mom has one and I visited her at the end of March. I know this looks really dark in the bag, but I was expecting it to be a very light grey colour in a full bath tub. I was so surprised that the water basically turned black, but found it really awesome. Here's a picture I posted on my Instagram

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The instructions say to run a warm bath, but not too warm because it may cause you to feel drowsy. Both my mom and Steven were in the house with me so I decided to rebel and run a hot bath because I was feeling pretty sore and love the feeling of hot water. I didn't feel drowsy at all, but that doesn't mean that you should do the same. Basically do as I say, not as I do. My muscles definitely felt a bit better and my skin felt really smooth. This didn't smell strange, but natural in a good way. I also wanted to mention that this was very easy to rinse out from the tub. I was worried that it would clog because there were a few squishy pieces in the bag, but they dissolved in the tub for the most part and easily went down the drain. The little pieces that stayed behind were easy to rinse off with the shower head and a normal sponge to make everything white again. I did run hot water down the drain after completely rinsing the bath just to be safe, but you're probably ok if you don't. If you're into bath products I highly recommend trying this out. Especially because the price is so good!

Moor Spa Body Lotion - MSRP $26 CAD 

Website: "A unique blend of Moor plus chamomile, arnica, wild yam and sweet potato extracts leaves the skin soft, smooth and well hydrated."

I was a bit confused by the name of this product because it's so literal. Not that it's a bad thing, but I'm used to products with really long names that have a million claims promoted on the packaging. I like the simplicity of this and find the packaging to be quite attractive (I like white and the blue/green). There is a light scent with this as well and the product feels cooling when you apply it. I've been using this every time I remember to and it always makes my skin instantly look more alive. I have very dry skin on my legs and often look patchy, but this really does help it if I actually use it frequently. While it is a bit pricy for the size, this is natural like the other products and no animals are harmed, which makes it worth a higher price tag. For me the most important thing about a body moisturizer is that it doesn't irritate my skin and this lives up to my expectations!

 I have a form of eczema that I can't remember the name of (it's a rare form) where moisture (including body lotions) usually irritate it. My form of eczema doesn't really occur in the winter, mainly in Autumn, so I didn't have to worry about it right now, but it's nice to know that this doesn't irritate my skin. I'll definitely be using this when my eczema returns because it is very light and natural. I don't think this would work to make your skin look perfectly moisturized in one go so I'd opt for a thicker body butter type of product for that, but for an everyday product this is really amazing!

So overall I'm impressed and really enjoyed all three products!

If you're interested in purchasing any of these products, email info@moorspa.com to request a spa code so you can make a purchase :) If you decide to do this, tell them that Amy Sousa sent you! I don't make any commission so don't worry about that!

*These products were sent to me as PR for review consideration
*I was not paid to talk about the products and will not make any money off of purchase
*As usual all opinions are my own