May 2017 Life Update! - Pretty In Bronze

Saturday, May 20, 2017

May 2017 Life Update!


This is obviously not a review post, but I wanted to update the few of you who do read my blog and/or watch my videos. A lot has changed and will continue to change in the upcoming months. I'll quickly round up what's happened so far. I graduated university! (Well my actual graduation is in June, but I'm done classes and final exams and have also received all of my final grades back. Yay!) I also started my full time job and have moved into my mom's tiny condo for the time being until Steven and I get a new apartment.

With these new behind-the-scene changes, a few evident changes have occurred.

My Instagram has been extremely neglected

My Instagram has been pretty awful lately. I've rarely been posting due to the new lack of time that I've had.I think I've posted two pictures int he last month... maybe three if I'm lucky. I've unfortunately been dropping in followers, but I expect it considering a bunch of them are accounts that follow me in hopes for a follow back.

I don't have much free time... in a new way

When I say new, I mean very different. Now that classes are over and I only have a full time job (I had full time class with lots of commuting time AND a 20 hr minimum a week part time job before) my free time has been utilized differently. For the first two weeks I re-edited my entire book and sent it off to my publisher to go through an official editing process. I have also been posting videos very frequently because I had a lot of declutter videos pre-filmed. I've also been working with brands behind the scenes, which means I've been trying out a lot of different products.

Stuff has been going on behind the scenes

So far you've seen one review post, but I have at least three more coming within the next month! Nothing is a secret, but I still want to have a bit of a surprise factor so I'm only telling you the subject for the reviews. One is a review of one brands several natural skin care products, another revolves around a lipstick collection that I have already mentioned on my blog and YouTube, and two are all about hair, though they deal with completely different aspects of it!

Now onto what's actually happening for the next few months.

I've mentioned several times on my YouTube channel that I want to go in a different direction. I truly enjoy doing reviews and just know that makeup tutorials as a focus just aren't for me. Don't get me wrong—I LOVE makeup, but I'm not great at creating makeup looks and I know there's just too much of it out there. I don't have anything new to bring to the table. However, everyone has different skin-tones, skin types, hair types, face and body shapes, etc. Because of this it just makes sense to be able to review a product based on my appearance and how my body/face reacts to it. This means that the possibilities are basically endless and it's not pointless to share my opinions on the products and how they look and work on me. I just won't be doing tutorials often. They'll be left for special occasions or if I just feel like filming myself getting ready for something. I won't be doing "How to do winged liner" type tutorials because I honestly don't know how and still take at least 30 minutes to get it right. I want my channel to focus on reviews, hauls, tips, and even throw in a few lifestyle videos including actual life advice, story time videos, DIY videos, and more! I just want my channel to be about myself personally and not trying to be like everyone else. This might even include occasional vlogs!

As for my blog—It's going to stay the same. I mainly reserve this for product reviews, but I'll probably start throwing a few new things in here once we move.

So. What is my new schedule? I'll be uploading once a week, but as usual no promises. This should be manageable, but my mom's place is extremely small and I'm already sleeping behind the kitchen table on the ground. It's hard to find space to film and time considering the sunlight is pretty bad when I'm home from work. Once a week should be fine and perhaps I'll throw in an extra video once in a while if I manage to have the time to film one. Blog posts will come as I test new products out (for a sufficient amount of time). Instagram will continue to be a work in progress since I don't have time to do more creative looks. Perhaps once we move I will have more to work with inspiration wise.

That's it for now! I will probably write update posts every time something major changes. The next one will be when we move into our next apartment in a few months!

See you soon with another review :D