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Thursday, May 04, 2017

Optically Canada ~ Opium Sunglasses Review


I was recently contacted by Optically Canada to do a review and I of course accepted because I love sunglasses and they have some amazing products. You can purchase their glasses online at their Canadian website (If you live in Canada, of course). Optically let me pick out a pair so I ended up choosing the Opium OP1410 C04 style which I'm absolutely in love with! I didn't own a pair like these and I'm so happy I made the choice. Here's a picture of them:

Optically Canada offers glasses as affordable as $9. They offer regular prescription glasses as well as prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. The pair that I have does not have a prescription because I haven't been to the optometrist in over 5 years (oops), but I will make it a point to go in the near future so if I do end up needing a prescription, I'll make sure to order glasses (sunglasses and probably regular lenses as well) to go along with it. The sunglasses that Optically Canada sent me are currently priced at $39 on their website.

While Optically has affordable glasses, they also stock designer glasses brands such as Gucci, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, and so much more! I'm not one to care about brand names so I'll be sticking to whatever I like that I can afford, but for those of you that love all things designer, you'll find a great variety on their website!

I can't speak for every pair of glasses on the website, but I can for my pair. The quality is great and the glasses come in a very sturdy case that won't crush the glasses if you accidentally sit on them (I've been guilty several times in the past of this). I love the shape of these along with the lens colour. You can actually choose your lens colour and opacity on the website for an extra small cost, which is cool since I know people who are very particular about the colour.

The shape is very flattering and I wish I were better at figuring out the names of glasses shapes. I know they aren't aviators, but I really like them as well. I have an odd nose to eyebrow ratio (if that makes any sense) where most sunglasses completely cover my eyebrows. These still let them poke through so strangers that may see me in public will still know that I do indeed have eyebrows! The neutral lens colour is really nice on my eyes. The sunglasses do what they're meant to do while being cute so it's a win-win situation with them!

The website allows you to select whether you want mens or womens glasses. Many pairs, including mine, are considered unisex, which is great if you want to share a pair with someone else. Steven put these on as a joke and was surprised that they didn't make him look girly and that they actually fit! These glasses were just a perfect match. Click on the link if you want to view their women's sunglasses!

Optically offers several services such as reglazing your existing glasses. I've never actually heard of this before reading it on their site, but I guess it's a thing! If you have glasses that you love, but you need a new prescription and don't want to shell out the money for a whole new pair, check out the reglazing service that Optically offers and you might just find what you're looking for!

The verdict? I obviously really like these! My coworkers thought they were super cute and my mom even attempted to steal the case that they came in. I'm probably going to end up buying her a pair as well considering her current sunglasses aren't the cutest... but with that being said this is the end of my review.

Please check out Optically if you are planning on buying glasses or sunglasses any time soon. The prices are great and the selection is awesome!

And check out my Instagram post from a few days ago when I wore them on a super cloudy day (Thanks Canadian weather) and they still managed to look really cute!

See you soon!