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Monday, June 05, 2017

Flickable Lip Gloss Review ~ Available at The Hudson's Bay!


I have another exciting review! I received these a few weeks ago to test out some of their lip glosses that are brand new to Canada! This was the first time I was actually being sent lip products so I was already excited to try it so thank you to the Brill Communications team and Flickable! These lip glosses are really affordable at just $6 CAD and they are sold exclusively at The Hudson's Bay!

Left to Right: #1, #4, #5, #3, #2
There are 5 lip glosses total and I love them all! Some are more pigmented than others, but they all smell and taste amazing! I'm going to list the colours and show you arm swatches as well as insert pictures where I'm wearing the red gloss with a my lips but better colour underneath. The words in bold describe the scent and taste, but I'm sure you already knew that!

-        Better Off Red 01: Berry: 
-        Do Ya Pink I’m Sexy 02: Passion Fruit
-        Citrus How We Do 03: Tangerine
-        Toffee Talk 04: English Toffee
-        Flight for Your White to Party 05: Sugar Cookie

Left to Right: #5, #4, #2, #3, & #1 (Top without flash, bottom with flash)

These glosses are not sticky whatsoever, which means that they're not super long wearing, but I don't ever expect that from lip gloss in the first place since I only use them to add a bit of shine to matte lipstick or to throw on to give my lips a tiny bit of life. The lip glosses contain ingredients like meadow foam sea oil, jojoba seed oil so they are very moisturizing, which is rare to me because most lip glosses that I've tried feel moisturizing at first and then dry out my lips soon after.

My favourite out of the bunch for colour is definitely #3 because orange toned lipsticks work really well on my skin tone, but the sugar cookie taste and scent for #5 is so yummy and I can wear it on top of any colour without changing the colour! It's a close second since I wouldn't wear it on its own, but man does it taste and smell delicious.

Same as previous order. Photo taken with flash to show a more accurate representation of colour


While the packaging is super adorable it does make it awkward to store. I'm also unsure oh how this is going to work out when most of the product gets used up since the applicator can't reach the edges, but I have a feeling that I'll open them up when it gets to that point and put the product into a little sample container. The glosses are also pretty sheer, so it's really hard to be able to tell which one's you're wearing with the exception of Better Off Red. The pro with that is that you probably don't need to buy all 5, but I'll let you know below which ones are my top 3!

Order same as swatches!

So as you can see there's not a huge difference between a bunch of the shades except for a slight undertone (and #5 because it's a bit more pigmented and a lot more noticeable in person... the lighting wasn't the best for this). Do you need all 5? No. Do you only want one? Also No. If you're really into this type of lip gloss I recommend three of them for sure! I'm really surprised at my choices because none of them involve the two colours that caught my eyes when I first saw the pictures.

#1 Flight for your White to Party is perfect on top of any lipstick that you want to spice up a bit. It's by far my favourite scent and taste out of the bunch too! #4 Toffee Talk is also amazing and in person it looks a bit more pigmented, making it wearable enough for me to not wear any lip product underneath. It's very natural and like the rest of the lip glosses tastes great! Finally, #5 Better Off Red is perfect to wear on it's own! It's decently pigmented and I find myself bringing this to work with me all the time because it's so easy to take off (I honestly just lick it off because it tastes so good) so I don't have to struggle before eating lunch. It also looks amazing on top of lipsticks and gives them a bit of an oomf. I'll insert a photo below from Instagram when I was wearing a very natural "my lips but better" lipstick (Rimmel Kate Moss #105) with Better Off Red on top!

Check out Flickable's website and social media! Remember that they are available at the Hudson's Bay exclusively for everyone in Canada (aka me and my fellow makeup addicts). I really do love these and I'm so happy that glossy lips are finally making their way back! Especially these ones because my hair doesn't get stuck in them nearly as much as the other glosses that I own!

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*I received the items mentioned for free in exchange for a review. As usual all opinions are my own!