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Friday, June 09, 2017

Priorin Hair Vitamins Review


Today I'm back with something different to review. This is the first time I'm reviewing something that I actually had to ingest a product consistently. I've tried out candy bars and granola bars before, but hair vitamins were a first!I was presented with the opportunity to review Priorin, hair vitamins that stimulate and increase hair growth. I have been interested in hair vitamins for quite a while now so I couldn't skip the opportunity!

I received one box of Priorin (60 capsules), which is enough for one full month. The instructions say to take the pills every day for 3–6 months for noticeable results, but I feel like I did notice a change in my hair. I do ask you to keep in mind that my hair grows extremely quickly (I think it's part of being Brazilian). Priorin contains biotin, millet extract, L-cystine (amino acid) and calcium pantothenate. According to the information provided, the combination of these ingredients are clinically proven to have shown improved hair growth/re-growth. I know for sure from experience that biotin is great for your hair and nails so I had no doubt this would at least work a bit!

Main ingredients + usage

Picture of my current hair when straightened (minus that one piece I missed *facepalm*)

The pills scared me at first glance because they are fairly large and brown, but thankfully they are soft and rounded off so they go down without a struggle. The pills also taste surprisingly pleasant (but please take it with water) and I'm sure you've taken some sort of vitamin/medication before that tastes absolutely horrid (I'm looking at you birth control!). The instructions say to take two pills a day with food so I took my morning one along with my birth control and anxiety med, and at dinner once again with my anxiety meds (I swear I'm not crazy. Just anxious!).

As you can see the pills aren't exactly tiny

It took about three weeks, but I noticed that my roots were growing in quicker than usual. I didn't take a ruler to my hair or anything like that, but I'd say that my hair grew about 50% faster?  My hair usually grows about two finger widths a month (my index and middle finger), but this past month it has grown three! Of course the hair is very short and I won't tell for a while how it's truly doing, but so far so good! The hair feels soft and shiny, but technically it is virgin hair.

If you're desperately wanting to grow your hair out faster I definitely recommend these! They are a bit on the pricey side (A bit under $30 CAD for a month supply), but the other hair vitamins I've researched are about the same if not more. I did find this coupon on Priorin's website for $5.00 off a purchase so definitely download it if you do end up buying it! Also check out the Checkout 51 app! Last week there was $4.00 cash-back (that is still on as I post this) if you bought a box. That would basically mean nine bucks off if I had purchased one.

While I really liked these, I won't be repurchasing solely because my entertainment budget is very limited and I can't justify spending 1/3 of it every month on these. I do have a few months worth of biotin pills left over so I will definitely be using those until I can afford these or find them even more discounted! I do think these work better than the biotin pills alone, but at least this way I can somewhat continue to grow my hair a bit quicker and stronger :)

I hope this review was somewhat helpful! A huge thanks to Veritas Communications for giving me the opportunity to try out this product!

See you next time!

*A month's supply of Priorin was sent to me in exchange for a review, but all opinions are 100% my own!