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Sunday, July 09, 2017

SarynaKEY Damage Repair Line Review


I just posted a video yesterday all about the SarynaKEY haircare line as explained in the title. This stuff has honestly made a huge difference in my hair and I couldn't be happier (Not unless a product came out that would make my hair grow straight... but that probably won't happen in my lifetime).

In the video I give all of my opinions, so please watch that first! In this post I'm just going to write down the prices, ingredients, and talk about my new haircare routine.

Here's a link to the Saryna KEY website:

SarynaKEY products I tested:

Damage Repair Shampoo

Damage Repair Mask

Damage Repair Oil

Prouduct claims:

 "Leaves hair soft, healthy, and shiny!"


100% true. I don't know about you, but to me my hair looks so much healthier! Unless you know me in real life you probably haven't felt it (I hope), but it feels completely different than my hair did two months ago.  All of these products made a world of a difference! 

If I could only buy one I'd get the deep conditioner since I feel like that's what has done the most in terms of making my hair healthier. The oil is more affordable than my Moroccan oil, so that's a no brainer considering I like it equally, if not more. The shampoo will also be purchased, but not very often since it is very pricey in comparison to my Chorus shampoo, but I will also only be using it every several washes to really upkeep my hair, which makes the price totally fine for me!

My haircare routine is now pretty much complete! The only thing I'm still looking for is a conditioning or gloss spray for when I don't want to use an oil, but I'll be trying a few out soon and will update you eventually. I might have to do an updated haircare routine in the fall, but I'll do a blogpost instead of video for that!


The Products (Without Flash)

Hair Without Flash

Hair With Flash

How to Purchase

If you're interested in purchasing any SarynaKEY products, here's a link to their distributor page so you can contact your local one!

The Damage Repair Shampoo is $59 CAD (1L) 

The one I showed in the video is the smaller size and is $32 CAD. I thought my size was this price, but it's the bigger one, so definitely worth it for that amount of product!

The Damage Repair Mask (500 mL) is $55 CAD

The Damage Repair Oil (110mL) is also $55 CAD! 

The products are available at several different retailers, so the prices may vary, but these prices (minus the 1L shampoo) were shared with me directly by SarynaKEY!

I hope this review was helpful! If you have damaged hair, I think this is the right line for you! Thank you again to SarynaKEY for sending me these products to review free of charge! 

See you next time!