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Monday, September 04, 2017

Le Petit Marseillais Body Crème Review
September 04, 20170 Comments

First off I want to apologize for how terrible of  a blogger I've been! I've been posting to YouTube, but have completely neglected Instagram and my blog. I LOVE blog posts, but so much has been going on recently that I've only had time for YouTube, and even then it's been a struggle.

I was sent PR almost two months ago which included a few amazing Schwarzkopf products and a wonderful body wash from Le Petit Marseillais. I've exclusively been using this body wash since I got it and can definitely give a full review.

I picked the vanilla scent because I'm incredibly picky and like to play it safe, but I have no regrets. I love how this smells, but most importantly I love how effective it is.

This body wash really gets the dirt off. I brought it to my mini cottage vacation in July and it quickly washed off all of the sand and muck that kept layering itself on my body. Not only does this wash my skin very well, but it also moisturizes it. I didn't notice too much the first few washes, but overtime I noticed that I was rarely wearing heavier body creams. Usually I'd have to use a body butter a few times a week, while using my Moorspa body lotion, which is really light, on regular days, but after using the Le Petit Marseillais body wash for two weeks, I haven't had to use anything more than my body lotion!

I love how well the body wash lathers up. I don't have to use a lot, which makes this stuff last an incredibly long time. I feel like I see beauty YouTubers going through 10 body wash bottles a year when they do empties videos, but this will probably last me another two months, making it about four (or more) months!

If you're interested in trying out this body wash, check out this page on their website (Canadian) that shows you where to purchase! If you're not in Canada, you can just look up "Le Petit Marseillais" on Google and you should find it very quickly!