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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Gigi Hadid X Maybelline Collaboration Canada - Limited Edition Collection
October 24, 20170 Comments

I have a really exciting post for you today! I received lots of information in the press release and official fact sheet, which I will be taking information from, including all of the prices! This is the first time that Maybelline is doing a limited-edition collaboration. There are two themes for this collab: New York Glam & LA Glow. "Gigi focused on developing all-in-one palettes that celebrated her girl-on-the-go, bicoastal lifestyle, while giving fans an insider’s look into her life passions" (Press Release).

Credit to Maybelline New York

Both collections will be available for pre-sale in Canada on November 17th on Amazon.ca and Walmart.ca . The collection will be physically available in retails across the country on December 5th. To my knowledge Canada won't be getting the other Gigi collab products (like those face palettes), but I did not confirm it!

Here's a look at the East Coast Collection!

And here's the whole West Coast collection!

I honestly can't pick my favourite collection as a whole, but I can break it up! For eyeshadows I definitely like the West Coast half better. West Coast also wins since they have the Liquid Strobe in Gold. It's a tie between East & West Coast for eyeliners since I'm intrigued by the nude eyeliner, but I've also never tried a Maybelline liquid eyeliner. It's also a tie for the Tinted Primers since they seem to be the same. The East Coast half definitely wins for mascara since it is a fibre mascara!

Now for what arguably most of you would want to know. Which collection am I more excited for in terms of lipstick? The picture below is of all six of the lipsticks in the collection. I personally don't like reds so I'm only interested in the East coast half (especially erin and mcaul), but I know most like reds so these might be perfect for you!

I'm going to attempt to organize all of the products and pricing by collection to make things easier! I'm a bit confused about some of these as their descriptions don't match the names on Maybelline's Instagram, but it should be ok considering when you go to purchase you'll actually see the colours! I want to reiterate that I don't know if these are the only products coming to Canada, but these were the products and prices listed! These are not set final prices. There might (likely) be sales going on so keep your eyes peeled for those!

East Coast Collection:

Gigi Fibre Mascara $14.99
Gigi Lasting Drama Liner Cool $12.99
Gigi Master Precise Liner $12.99
Gigi Strobe Liquid Cool (black) $14.99
Gigi Eye Shadow Brush $12.99
Gigi Primer (Light Medium) $12.99
Gigi Eye Shadow Palette Cool $16.99
Gigi Eye Shadow Palette Warm $16.99
Gigi Color Sensational Mattes ('taura', 'erin' and 'mccall') $11.99

West Coast Collection:

Gigi Wing Mascara $12.99
Gigi Strobe Liquid Warm (nude) $14.99
Gigi Eye Contour Brush $12.99
Gigi Primer (Medium Deep) $12.99
Gigi Lasting Drama Liner Warm $12.99
Gigi Color Sensational Mattes ('austyn', 'lani' and 'khair') $11.99

*Only some of the items are listed with the official product names

What do you think? Are you excited for this collaboration? Let me know why or why not in the comments!

*Blog post may be added to add new photos. This blog post is not sponsored, and no product was received.