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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Vegan Skincare Review ~ Boo Bamboo, Acure, Surya Brasil + More!
November 21, 20170 Comments

So Msquared Brands is amazing and sent out an awesome blogger box for consideration. For the first time ever the blogger box is entirely made up of vegan products! So far I've tried out a lot of the products and I'm very impressed. I'm going to jump right in and give very brief reviews since I usually go too crazy, but I hope this helps you!

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This is the first time I've tried out any Surya Brasil products and I love them! I'll be talking about the nail polish in a separate post, but let's talk about this lip balm.

First off, do you see that this is chocolate scented/flavoured? This is AMAZING.  This stuff truly moisturizes my lips and repairs them as well. Not only is the lip balm vegan, but it's also kosher so if you're a fan of using kosher products I highly recommend checking it out!

I've tried one Boo Bamboo mask before in a previous blogger box, but now after trying a different one I can truly say that I enjoy the. My skin felt extra moisturized after taking the mask off, but what I really noticed is that my moisturizer sunk in so much better than usual that night. My skin was also a bit brighter, which is nice since this mask promotes that it brighten's skin. The mask is of course all natural and vegan, so the low price is worth it for me! The team gave us little bio's on the product, so I will quote part of Boo Bamboo's: "Boo Bamboo formulas are completely biodegradable, cruelty free and vegan, and use food grade flavouring for the fresh scent (perfect for sensitive skin)." Having mildly sensitive skin, I can confirm that the mask did not irritate my skin whatsoever!

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All Good is another brand  I've never tried before. From the photo you can see that I've received two coconut oil packets. Obviously they are really good because coconut oil is a creation sent down from the heavens. I was, however, surprised that one of them has lemongrass essential oil in it. It smells a bit different, but overall I couldn't really tell a difference between the two. You can't ever go wrong with coconut oil—especially when it's 100% natural!

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I've spoken about both Acure and The North American Hemp Co. before and love them both.

This NAHC line lifting face cream feels really nice on my face! My face feels a bit tighter after using this, but in a firm way, not a dry way. The moisturizer also soaked in quickly so my face didn't feel sticky, which is nice so my pillow doesn't stick to my face. I can't say much about long-term effects since I have a sample size of the product, but as a nighttime moisturizer I like it so it doesn't really matter to me. I think it's worth getting the full size if you're looking for a vegan moisturizer that might help with wrinkles and firming! The body lotion is also really nice, but since it's only a sample size I ran out after using it a few times. It worked really well, but I'm not so sure I'd buy the full size, mainly because I already have a favourite.

The Acure pore clarifying red clay mask surprised me. I didn't think a mask like this could clear any pores, but they actually looked noticeably cleaner after washing this off the first time. I really enjoy using this once a week before the weekend so I feel like my face has some life in it again (yes I'm weird).

That's it for this post! All of the products mentioned can be found online at so it'll be super easy for all you Canadians who might be reading to purchase! I technically have one more skincare product to talk about, but that one is up for Steven to review so I'll include that in the next post along with the hair, body and miscellaneous products!

See you soon!