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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Monthly Watch Club ~ Female and Male Watch Review

Hello everyone!

I have something a little different this time around and I'm very excited about it! Monthly Watch Club, a Canadian company, reached out to me asking if I'd be interesting in doing a review now that they also offer watch subscriptions for women after offering Men's watches for about a year. I've been wanting to try watches out for quite a while now, so of course I agreed to try one out and share my thoughts! I also have a coupon code (non-affiliate) that you can use on month to month subscriptions (it will be at the end of this post).

I did mention that I have a boyfriend, Steven, who loves and knows a bunch about watches, and they offered to send one for him as well (and he was really excited to have something sent specifically to him).

Review + Pictures

The only concern I had disappeared after a few days, but I thought it'd be worth mentioning in case it happens to you as well. The day I received the watches, we set them to the proper time. In under 24 hours the watch was 10 minutes slower, and Steven's was about 3. The difference didn't continue to grow, so we reset them a second time and they have both kept time perfectly until this day! I suspect that this is probably normal with any new watch that uses a similar battery, so definitely give it a few days if you notice this as well!

Female watch (October 2017 version)

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I've been wearing my watch for over a week now and based on that I can safely say that I like it! I really like the design of the watch I received (it's the October watch and still available on the site). The strap is made of genuine leather and I love the colour! The watch is water resistant, but I don't like wearing any type of watch/bracelet/rings/etc. if I plan on getting my hands wet so I won't be testing that part out. What really caught my eye was the rose gold. Even the watch hands and numbers are rose gold! This style is perfect for me so I can see myself wearing this a lot!

Male watch (September 2017 version)

The male watch doesn't look as modern, but we love that! Steven and I really like the face of the watch with the only exception being the little 2017. Steven thinks that part looks tacky and that it dates the watch, but if that weren't there it would be perfect! The colour of the strap is also really nice, but Steven isn't a fan of the snakeskin look that a lot of people love. The watch is also water resistant, which is great for Steven because he's too lazy to take it off if he's just washing his hands. The watch looks really nice with a lot of outfits and Steven will definitely be getting a lot of wear out of it! This watch is also available on the site for purchase!


You can either choose a male or female subscription. There are a few options in terms of how long you subscribe for: one month, three months, six months, or one full year! You will pay for whichever option you choose in one payment (rather than month by month unless you choose that option), but you do get a discount that gets better if you go for a longer subscription term.


Month to month: $39.99
Three Month:      $114.99 (Save $4.98)
Six Month:          $219.99 (Save $19.95)
One Year:            $395.99 (Save $83.89)

How the Subscription Works

Your watch will ship out on the first day of the month regardless of which plan you select. If you're buying within Canada you will receive tracking information, but not if you're international. The shipping time varies depending on where you live: Canada is 1–10 business days, USA 4–10 business days, and international can be anywhere between 6–14 business days.

Do you get to pick the watch? No. It is a surprise every time.

I did ask about skipping a month, and was told that you do have the option to skip. I can't verify how this works since I was sent the watches for review, but I'm assuming that you would have to select the option to skip before a certain date.

I asked about the difference between subscription plans. There is obviously a price difference, but I wanted to if there was anything else, and there is! If you select the 12 month (one year) plan, you will receive a 12 slot watch box with your order, which is pretty awesome if you're into watches and like displaying them nicely (you will see a picture of it on the website if you select the plan).

There is a lot of other information available in the Frequently Asked Questions section of Monthly Watch Club's website such as warranty info, dates, and so much more! You are also able to buy past watches individually on the Monthly Watch Club website, so have a look there too!

Coupon code!

I asked Monthly Watch Club if they had any coupon codes that are always available, and they sent one to me! This is a non-affiliate code so I will not be gaining anything if you use it and it is available to anyone to use on the month to month subscriptions! The code is WATCH25 and it will give you 25% off your first month on the month to month subscription. Sometimes there are other coupon codes you can use as well. At the moment that I'm writing this, there is a Cyber Monday code (extended sale) where if you use the code CYBER35 at checkout, you will receive 35% off of everything that Monthly Watch Club sells! The Cyber Monday code is still being promoted on the website, so if you don't see it there it has likely expired!

That's it for this review! If you follow me on Instagram (@beautybyamysousa) I'm sure you'll be seeing the watch in a few pictures over the holidays!