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Sunday, January 28, 2018

ESQIDO False Lashes + Lash Companion (Glue) Review


This is a very exciting review for me because I've been seeing so many amazing reviews of these lashes for the past year and a half. I got invited to an event in the summer of 2016, but unfortunately couldn't make it. I regretted not cancelling my plans after I saw all the bloggers reviewing the beautiful lashes and lash glue, and have since been hoping that they would eventually contact me to do a review (I even went as far as messaging them on Instagram, which didn't seem to work).

Fas forward to December of 2017, when I woke up with an email from ESQIDO asking if I was interested in picking out a lash style to review along with their Lash Companion Glue. I, of course, said yes, and started wearing the lashes as soon as I received them at the end of December. I filmed a first impressions video, which I will post at the bottom of this review.

I chose the ESQIDO mink lashes in the style Lash Named Desire which retail for $29.00 USD. The ESQIDO eyelash glue (Lash Companion) retails for $10.00 USD. I'll jump into the full review with all of my pictures right now!

As you can see, the style I chose is longer on the outer corners than the inner corner. I really like this style of lash because it opens my eyes up on the outer edge, where I feel like my eyes look like they droop down.

The packaging is stunning, and has a magnetic closure, so you won't easily lose your lashes. The Lash Companion is also beautiful! The tube looks so fancy and so high-end that I was surprised that the price was so low. I was honestly expecting at least $20.00 USD.

The lashes are amazing! They have a cotton band, which makes it really thin and lightweight, which is perfect for beginners. The glue is also great for beginners since it dries down clear instead of black, so if you accidentally touch your eyelid with it, it won't look obvious.

Detailed instructions are included with any pair of lashes, and the Lash Companion. This is always important since not all lashes are the same. ESQIDO lashes are mink false lashes that are hand made. They can be worn over and over again, but that also means you should take care of them. Instructions are provided on how to trim the lash (trim the outer part for my style), how long to wait for the glue, how to apply, and more.

Here are a few pictures of me wearing the lashes. These are from different days so they might look better after I wore them a few times (I always find that once you wear a pair of lashes, they get used to the shape of your eye, which makes their application much quicker and easier).

I 100% think these lashes are worth the price. I've worn them 5 times so far and they still look brand new! I'm careful when removing them, and make sure to slowly pull the glue off of the band. Sometimes I even soak them in some micellar water for a few hours if I know I want to wear them and make sure that they look completely brand new.

Here's my first impressions video on the lashes!

See you soon!