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Sunday, February 04, 2018

Chorus Supernatural Glycolic Facial Peel Review


I have yet another skincare review! This time it's for the Chorus Supernatural Glycolic Peel! I've been wanting to try out this type of product for a very long time now, but never ended up picking one up. Back in December I was offered the chance to become an affiliate of Chorus Supernatural since I've worked with them in the past and LOVE the products that I've used so far. All of the links in this post are affiliate links, but the post is not sponsored and all opinions are 100% my own.

This retails for $30.90, which is good price considering you get a whopping 4.1 fluid oz and you only use the smallest amount each time. Chorus Supernatural products are always made from clean ingredients, which is why they've won the cert clean stamp of approval, and this specific product ranks  2 on the independent safety rating (low). I've been using this for over a month now, closer to two considering how long January was. I noticed a difference right away when I first used this, but now that I've used it every single week, once a week, since I received it, I can give my full review.

The product itself is a lotion that you put all over your face (or on your problem areas) for 10 minutes. The first time I used this I felt like my face was tingling a bit. I had a black head on my lip that I had just squeezed out (my bad) and it made that mini wound burn, but after I wiped it off there it was totally fine. I applied this all over my face and avoided by under-eye area and put an eye treatment there instead. After washing it off, the texture of my face immediately looked better.

The description on the site mentions that this will get rid of dead skin cells to help even out your face and restore glowing skin. I fully agree with this statement since my skin immediately felt smoother. After using it every single week since I received it, I notice that I almost have no awkward texture on my face anymore. It looks a lot more lively, which I guess is what the glow refers to. I've also noticed that my other skincare seems to soak in better now that my skins texture is a lot smoother and even.

I really love this and will definitely keep it in my permanent routine. Such a large amount comes in the tube, so I feel like I'll have this for years (or at least it starts to go bad), but if it keeps doing what it's doing, I will definitely purchase this, like I have for my other Chorus Supernatural products!

Go check out the Chorus Supernatural website if you haven't already! They have awesome skincare and haircare (check out my post on their shampoo and conditioner!) and all of their products have clean ingredients, and are cruelty free!

See you soon!