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Monday, February 12, 2018

Wise: Essentials Bundle ~ Perfect Valentine's Day Gift!


With Valentine's day coming up this week, there are a lot of gift ideas and gift bundles going around for women, but I thought I'd talk about a great bundle catered towards men. My boyfriend, Steven, has been testing out the products so he can pass along the information from a male's point of view for me to provide a proper review!

Wise sent over three products from their Essentials Bundle, which retails for $95 CAD: The Birch Bark Daily Shampoo, which comes in a minimalist refill pouch that is environmentally conscious, the Glacier Clay Pomade that comes in a beautiful container, and a sample of the Red Maple Styling Cream. The essentials kit also comes with a Neem Wood Comb, which retails for $15, but I did not receive this so I can't give a review (but it looks nice!). The Essentials Bundle is a much better deal than buying the products separately (even if you didn't include the comb) so you are saving money!

The Simple & Natural Men's Shampoo on its own retails for $34 CAD (in the minimalistic pouch), and for $20 CAD in the reusable glass bottle (which can hold up to 100 ml... travel friendly!). This shampoo contains essential oils, which makes this smell amazing! Both Steven and I have used this and we both enjoy it!

Steven found that you need to use more product than regular drugstore shampoos for it to lather well, but understands that this is because of the natural ingredients and lack of harmful chemicals that many shampoo's contain.  I, on the other hand, have been exclusively using natural shampoos for a few years now, so for me I'm used to low lather, but in my opinion this lathered quite well and I didn't have to use as much as some of my favourites.

We both felt that our scalps felt really nice and tingly after using this, likely because of the essential oils. This also contains high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants, and 100% of the ingredients are local, with 70% of them being natural. This left our hair feeling just as clean as our other shampoos and it did not get greasier any quicker. Steven washes his hair every few days and has been using this exclusively since we received it almost two weeks ago. So far he really likes it and will continue using it since it doesn't irritate his sensitive scalp—if anything it seems to soothe it. I've gone back to my regular routine, though I did enjoy it!

The Simple & Natural Men's Clay Pomade retails for $32 CAD (for 60 ml) and is described as being for a medium hold. The packaging is beautiful! The lid is real wood and looks very sophisticated. The ingredients are great (93% natural, 100% local) and actually promote healthy hair by helping moisturize. The finish is matte, which is great for photography so your hair doesn't look greasy, but it stays in place! You can also buy this in the minimalistic packaging for $24 CAD!

The Simple & Natural Men's Red Maple Styling Cream/Cream Pomade  retails for $32 CAD (for 60 ml) and will give a strong hold. The instructions say to use a quarter-sized amount onto your hands and to spread your hands through your hair to style however you desire. The pamphlet describes that this is for a polished look, which is perfect considering Steven has graduation photos the day I'm posting this review, so I can update you no how this held up! The ingredients in this are also amazing (93% natural, 100% local) and this will give a light-shine finish, but not greasy looking. This also comes in a minimalistic packaging option for $24 CAD.

I highly recommend checking out the Wise website and the Essentials Gift Bundle that includes these products! They are are very interesting company that is environmentally conscious, which is super important nowadays. I think this would be a great Valentine's Day gift for your significant other, or just a great gift in general for anyone in your life that would use these types of products. Steven really enjoys them and will definitely continue using them!

See you soon!