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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

ESQIDO Unisyn Collection ~ Synthetic False Lashes
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I have a super exciting blog post today! ESQIDO is launching their first ever synthetic lashes! These lashes are part of the new UNISYN collection, which includes 10 different lash styles. These lashes launch TODAY (March 28, 2018) and there are some great deals happening that I will include in this post if you’re interested! ESQIDO also surprised me (last night just before the launch) with an affiliate code that will give you 15% off your order. Just use the code: amys

I received the Unisyn lash kit for free as PR (which was a complete surprise to me because I didn’t realize I was on the list) and was super excited because ever since working with ESQIDO on a post a few months ago, I’ve fallen in love with how pretty and easy their lashes are to use! I did want to add a disclaimer because I did receive mine for free, but I was never told that I had to review these in exchange for the product (since I was surprised with them) nor am I being paid by them to do this. Like I said before, they also surprised me with an affiliate code, but I’m simply excited to share these with you and truly love them!

Here are the lashes I’ve received!

Naughty & Nice
Heart & Soul (After wearing them)

Heart & Soul are my favourite ESQIDO lashes so far! So much so that if I were getting married tomorrow, I'd wear these! I filmed a video where I try on all three of the styles that I received from the Unisyn collection, and I have lots of good pics that really show off the styles, comparisons of my eyes with just a bit of mascara, versus the lash styles, and close ups! I have a previous blog post about ESQIDO lashes (a mink set) that you can read here if you’re interested!

Here’s the Unisyn video!:

The Unisyn lashes retail at $22 USD, so they’re much more affordable than the mink lashes offered by ESQIDO, but you can save more money if you decide to buy a kit, or purchase two.  A Unisyn kit is $50 USD and comes with three pairs of lashes of your choice, as well as one Companion Eyelash Glue (AKA my favourite lash glue ever). I think this is a great price considering the glue itself is $10 USD. The value of the set is $76 USD, so you’re saving quite a bit buying the set rather than buying everything separately.  If you already have the glue (or lash glue that you love) and just want to try out the lashes, you can buy one pair of Unisyn lashes, and get the second pair half off. You can only do one per order so this is great if you’re only interested in two of the styles. Overall, I think the Unisyn kit is the best value if you’re interested in trying the brand out!

These lashes feel even lighter than their regular mink lashes! They’re ridiculously easy to apply (one try every time for me) and I surprisingly didn’t have to trim any of them. These also have a cotton band so it’s really easy to hide it and help it blend in with your lash line.

Here are a few pictures of my eye look that I was wearing in the try on video. The green eye look will be up on Saturday if you’re interested to see how I achieved it! The Gold eye look (the Instagram picture… follow me!) will probably be up next Saturday. The last instagram picture is a gallery of each of the lash styles on one eye, versus the other eye with only mascara on:

PB & J
Naughty & Nice

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In this Instagram post I'm wearing my favourite pair, Heart & Soul

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And here's an Instagram gallery!

I hope you've enjoyed this little preview of the lashes and my first impressions! Don't forget to use my code amys for 15% off (or anyone else's code so you can save money) and to pay attention to the deals I've mentioned today so you can get more for your money!

See you soon!

*This post contains one affiliate code (no affiliate links). I've received the lashes for free, but was not sent them in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own!