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Monday, June 18, 2018

Dermalogica: Calm Water Gel + Barrier Defence Booster


So I went to a Dermalogica event way back during the winter months (two seasons ago to be exact) and received two full sized products in my goodie bag. I'd never used anything from the brand before, but always heard amazing things, so I went in with high expectations.

They were offering free facials and mini facials during the event. I didn't sign up quick enough for a full facial, but I did get a quick 15 minute one done and was incredibly impressed. They conducted a full analysis of my face and I discovered that I actually have dehydrated skin, which is the reason why I have so much irritation on my forehead as well as excess oil.

The goodie bag I received contained two brand new products... well now I guess they're only considered recent. I received the Calm Water Gel and the Barrier Defence Booster. These were both used on me during my mini facial and I fell in love with them.

I put on the Barrier Defence Booster right after I'm finished cleansing my skin. This has helped significantly with the irritation on my forehead. My skin absorbs this fairly quickly and I could tell a difference right away. This is available at Sephora for a whopping $101 CAD, which to me is crazy. While I do love this, that's more than my entire entertainment budget for a month, so I won't be purchasing this when it runs out. I've gone down to using this a few times a week to try and preserve it as long as it can and will be really sad when it runs out.

The Calm Water Gel has the most amazing consistency I've ever felt in a moisturizer. I apply this right after the oil and the smallest bit goes a long way. This spreads really nicely and is super hydrating. I like to put this on right before I do my foundation because it creates a super smoothe and hydrated base, and prevents my makeup from looking cakey. This retails for $65 CAD at Sephora, which almost sounds very reasonable compared to the oil, but it's still super pricey in my books. However, this is my favourite moisturizer that I've ever used and a little goes a long way, so I might actually purchase this one when it runs out. I won't buy it right away, but if I notice that my skin just isn't the same with my other moisturizers (or that it's noticeably more textured and dry) then I will buy this one. I will also drop down to using this only a few times a week to try and preserve it (mainly on days where I'll be wearing makeup since it makes it apply so nicely on top).

Now these products aren't cheap. They're actually ridiculously expensive to me, the person who is now used to moisturizer being under $7 CAD, but they are really good. I've actually considered buying Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant before and that's $85. At the event they were giving bloggers 30% off and I'm now regretting not jumping on that because I didn't realize just how expensive everything was. If I could've known, I would've bought the Microfoliant and a backup Calm Water Gel that night.

Final thoughts? This brand is worth it if you have the budget, but I'd stick to the Calm Water Gel if you can only afford one since in my opinion it's the most effective. If you don't have lots of money to spend, I'd stick to more affordable brands that might not perform the same, but at least they won't be bad and won't break the bank.

I hope you enjoyed this review! See you next time!