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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Indie Expo Canada 2018 Overview + What I received & Bought


So I went to the Indie Expo Canada for the first time last week, and I was given the opportunity to go as official press! This means that I was able to gain early access before the public in order to take all of the pictures I needed, talk to the vendors, and collect any press packages that may have been available.

I received a VIP bag for free since I was press, and also received several press kits from vendors, including Indie Expo only shades that are not available elsewhere. I'm not the brightest so I didn't organize everything perfectly according to what was in the VIP bag versus gifts from vendors, but I did separate what I purchased myself. I will be showing everything I received and purchased, but first I'll show a few pictures that I got of a few displays and items at the expo.

Clionadh Cosmetics was the most exciting brand to see for me since I am more of a makeup blogger. They had their products displayed in a way that made it really easy to swatch before purchasing. The shadows are PIGMENTED and I couldn't help but buy two for myself (even though I received a couple for free, which you'll see later in this post. Their famous Archeo palette was on display and available for purchase at the event (even though there was a waiting list online) which is why events like the Indie Expo are huge so you can get your hands on things like this. Another huge plus for this indie brand is that they're 100% vegan and cruelty free.

The three pics above consist of three different brands that I noticed with Indie Expo exclusives! This seems to be common for the event and I think it's wonderful because you get to purchase something special that no one outside of the event can get their hands on. The first pic is from Fair Maiden Polish, the second from Girly Bits Cosmetics, and the third is from Paint it Pretty Polish!

While a vast majority of the products were nail related, there were also a bunch of skincare and body care (as well as general wellness) items at the Indie Expo as well. Terrah Essentials was one of them and they had a BUNCH of cool items. You'll see below that I received a few goodies from this brand for being official press and I'm really excited to try them out!

My photography skills honestly sucked this day (the lighting in the room didn't help either) so it was a bit blurry, but I wanted to show you the table where you could buy some cool Indie Expo swag! I didn't pick any up because I'm a huge budgeter and it wasn't necessary for me (especially since I now have a lovely pink VIP bag from the event to keep forever), but I know many love swag so that's something else you'll have to look forward to if you decide to attend in the future!

Here's a pic of me holding up my super cool press badge!

Now onto the part of the post that most of you care about most. I do plan on reviewing a lot of these over the next few weeks, but here are the products I've received for free!

This last picture below is actually what I purchased at the event! I heard amazing things about the Acetone Additive by Cuter Cuticles, so I wanted to pick up a bottle to hopefully save my nails a little bit every time I use acetone to remove my nail polish (at least once a week). Alter Ego Body Care Products had this cool dog shampoo bar, which I obviously had to get for Chewy. I mentioned above that I actually bought two eyeshadows, and these are the shades! I don't have either in my collection, so I thought these would be a perfect start for me, but so many other amazing shades, as well as blushes and highlighters were available that it was really hard to pick.

If you're into indie brands like I am, I absolutely think you should visit the Indie Expo Canada! A lot of my all time favourite products are from indie brands, and they tend to be fairly affordable, so there's really no downside to them other than accessibility. I'm very excited to dive in and try everything out that I possibly can and to return soon with several reviews!

Keep an eye out on my Instagram to see posts about these products and more!

See you soon!