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Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Rocky Mountain Soap Company - Face Polish & Hand Cream Review


It's been a while! I feel like I always have no real reason for taking a small break other than 'life,' but this time I was taking a break because I've published my debut novel Once Upon A Tear and that has taken a lot of time out recently. Now my books is out and things are slightly calming down for me so I can slowly start blogging again.

I was sent these products a while back (several months ago, actually) and have been using them a lot, so I can finally give a full review.

Face Polish

I've been using this face polish several times a week since I received it, and at first it was kind of tricky to use. I'm not about to get a measuring spoon out so I was just guestimating the amount of polish compared to water (or oil) that I needed, but after a few weeks it became second nature and now I can quickly pour some out and get to exfoliating my face.

While you can use this product with water, oil or creams, I prefer just using water. I tried using it with a face oil, and it didn't exfoliate as much as I wanted it to. I feel like it doesn't mix as easily, and to be honest, I don't really like using oil on my face unless I'm using it as a leave-on treatment.

This polish is gentle when mixed properly, but it still gets the job done. Of course you can mix less water in and have it be grittier, but I don't like using it that way as it scares me what I could be doing to my skin. Having the tiniest bit of texture helps scrub the dead skin and clean up anything around my breakouts. The smell is also quite nice, so that makes the overall experience nicer because I'm super lazy and will find any excuse to not do a full skincare routine at night.

Has this made a major difference in my skin? No. It has made a small difference in the sense that it feels a little bit smoother, but I didn't really have a problem with that before. I, however, do feel like this would make a bigger difference on someone who does have skin issues (particularly someone who is struggling to achieve smoother skin or dry skin).

Hand Cream

This is ok. It's very hard for me to review a hand cream because my hands rarely ever get dry. I wear gloves to wash dishes and for any cleaning duties involving soap and anything stronger, so they've been well preserved (thanks to allergies). My hands also get moisturized as a by-product of moisturizing my body. The few days where the weather went crazy and my hands DID feel dry, I put this on and it did really moisturize my hands.

One downside is that this takes a bit longer than I'd like for it to completely soak in. I work on a laptop all day, so my fingers can't feel moist in any way or my trackpad is annoying to use, so I did avoid using this when at work because of that. For just being around the house it's totally fine, or doing pretty much anything else, but on my laptop I want my fingers completely dry so I can preserve my laptop's trackpad and keys as long as possible. That being said, this is a lot quicker than most hand creams I've tried in the past.

I do have a hand cream that I prefer over this one so I wouldn't purchase this on my own, but this one is more moisturizing, so it really all depends on your preferences! I've also received several hand creams recently, so I place them in different places (bedside table, makeup bag, work, etc.), but this unfortunately doesn't stand out much to me.

This ended up sounding negative, but that wasn't my intention! There's nothing wrong with these products by any means. They just didn't blow my mind at all and aren't that unique. I'm keeping them and do rotate between using different skincare products on a daily basis, but I would not purchase either since they don't wow me.

See you soon!