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Saturday, September 01, 2018

Dr. Belmeur Avanced Skincare Solutions Review


I have received a lot of skin care recently, as well as face products (some of which I purchased) and I've been putting them all to the test. I've decided that September will be focusing mainly on those categories, but I'll also have other makeup-related reviews up during the month.

Chickadvisor sent these Dr. Belmeur products over in one of their Product Review Club's and I was very excited because I've never truly tried Korean skincare before. These products range from $42–$48 and are available at The Face Shop. At the time of publishing this post, all three of these products are on sale for 30% off, making them way more affordable.

I used the Advanced Cica Recovery Serum every morning and night as my first step after cleansing and drying my face. While this may have made a tiny difference, I don't think it's necessary unless your skin is more damaged. I'm young (23 soon) and have decent skin, so I'm probably not the best person to be testing this type of product out, but if you think your skin has more damage to it, definitely look up reviews from other people with similar skin concerns to your own.

Every morning after the serum, I put on the Panthenol-Soothing Gel Cream as my daily moisturizer. I did enjoy this as it kept my skin moisturized all day, without it ever making my skin oily. My makeup also applies very well on top of this, which is a huge bonus for me. It is very pricy though and I do think that there are more affordable alternatives (I have one) so I won't be purchasing this once it's out, but I will continue to alternate with my other moisturizers since I do enjoy it.

Finally, the Advanced Cica Recover Cream. This is the product I might repurchase because I truly feel that it does something for my skin. This comes with a little spatula that you can scoop the product up with to avoid contamination, and is easy to clean. The cream itself is very rich so I've only been using this at night. I don't have any other night creams in my collection (or that I've used in the past) that work as well for a lower price (even without the sale), which is why I'm considering purchasing this when I do run out. 

Now that I've reviewed this I'm going to stop using this for a few weeks to test out a different range of products, but then I will either go back to them, or alternate.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Thanks again to Chickadvisor for sending these to me for free in their product review club!

See you soon!