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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Revlon Colorstay Full Cover Foundation Review


I received a few products in PR from Revlon about a month ago, but just realized that I hadn’t shared them yet. I went to the Revlon event (#feelthelippie) back in July where I received two lippies that will be in my next Revlon review, and ate their free ice cream, which was awesome. After the event, I found an email from them where I could tell them my foundation shade and makeup style, so I did and soon after I received more products (a foundation and a new lip product).

The product I want to feature today is their new(ish) Revlon Colorstay Full Cover foundation. I didn’t know my shade, so I took a wild guess based on the swatches online, and thankfully was spot on for my skin tone at the moment. This matches my end of summer shade (yes that's a thing for me) perfectly without having to mix any other foundations in, or tan up my neck. The formula is very moussey, but it applies really well with your fingers or a beauty sponge and even with a brush. My favourite way to use it is with my Beauty Blender pro (the black one) after warming it up with my finger.

This foundation claims to be full coverage, which on me isn’t true. It’s more of a light to medium coverage, but that’s perfect for me as that’s the most coverage I want. I have a few breakouts, but nothing serious and most of my skin is pretty good, so I don’t look for heavy coverage anyway. This completely evens out my skin, which is great considering I have a tiny bit of discolouration, and my under eye concealer sits perfectly on top.

I normally set my foundation in my t-zone, but I have worn this a few times without setting at all and it hasn’t caused any problems. I just really like to set my forehead and chin since those places tend to get a bit shinier no matter what foundation I wear. When the foundation is set, it lasts a few extra hours, but this formula is so nice that it’ll evenly wear off throughout the day so it isn’t very noticeable. I’ve never experienced it coming off in chunks, or bunching up anywhere (not even on my dry patches). I'm wearing the foundation in the instagram picture below!

Overall I’m very impressed with this foundation. It’s the first Revlon foundation I’ve worn in years because I had a very bad experience in the past with one (does anyone remember the Naked foundation?), but this one really surprised me, and it’s been pretty the only actual foundation I’ve been reaching for (and my cc cream on even more natural days). Here's an arm swatch to show how close it is to my skin tone. I'm now losing my tan thanks to the lack of sunshine and cold weather so it matches almost perfectly on my arm, which is typically darker than my face, but at my darkest a little bit of bronzer would probably be enough to make this match ok.

The Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network's theme for September is fall faves, and the brand of the  month is Revlon, so I will be reviewing the other products I received in another post since the rest are all lippies! I’m also trying to focus more on beauty blogging again so don't be too surprised if you see more frequent posts for the next little while!

I hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to the next review!

See you soon!