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Friday, October 19, 2018

belif Oil control moisturizer fresh & Eucalyptus herbal extract toner Review


As you may or may not know, I've tested out a lot of skincare products over the summer. This is difficult because I need to use the skincare items for at least a few weeks on their own to know for sure how I feel about the products, and how my skin reacts to it. Right after writing my last skincare review I switched to these two products from belif since I received them in an Influenster Voxbox along with the VDL primers I posted about on Instagram a while back.

The products below are the Oil control moisturizer fresh & Eucalyptus herbal extract toner, as seen in the title. The moisturizer retails for $46 USD on their website and $34 USD for the toner.

While this is a K-beauty brand and Korean skin care is known as being amazing, I didn't love these. SO many people on Instagram rave about this brand, but these didn't do much for me. While they do not react badly with my skin and do do their job, these don't make my skin look amazing. They just make it look normal and helps maintain it.

The prices are too high in my opinion for something that doesn't make a big difference in my skin. These products are catered towards oily skin and I happen to have combination to dehydrated skin. I have noticed that the moisturizer doesn't make my skin become greasy during the day in my T-zone (the only parts of my face that become oily), however it does not moisturize the rest of my face enough and I do find that the toner dries out the dry patches on my face.

If you have truly oily skin I do think you should test these out if you get the chance if they offer mini's or samples (I'm not sure), but if your skin is more similar to mine, I highly recommend checking out Dermalogica if price is not a concern and you want amazing results,  Dr. Belmeur skincare for a similar price range, or if you're on a budge, The Ordinary, even though that company has had a lot of drama recently. I do truly love their products though so check out my top 5 from the brand.

Obviously this wasn't a great review, but I want to always be honest with everyone when I don't like something, especially because I've seen so much hype around this brand. I'll be back soon with another makeup review so I hope you'll stick around for that.

See you soon!