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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Makeup Stick - Highlight vs Essence Strobing Highlighter Stick Comparison Review


Another makeup review! I have a lot of these coming up because I received so many products from PR a few months ago, so I wanted to make sure to get all of those reviews out of the way. Today I'm doing something a little bit different and I'm doing a comparison review between two very similar products that are both from the drugstore, and both from brands that I love (and yes, I received both for free). I have the Wet n Wild MegaGlo Makeup Stick Highlight in... highlight? It seems like only one shade, and the Essence Strobing Highlighter Stick in 'Light up Your Life'

The Wet n Wild highlighter retails for $3.99 USD and the Essence highlighter retails for $4.99, but is currently on sale for $2.49 USD. Both incredibly affordable!  Now for the swatches. The first image below is of these highlighters swatched next to each other. and the second picture is them both blended out. Wet n Wild is the first swatch (on the left) in both photos!

As you can see, these look almost identical. However, I do have a preference. While both look amazing on my face and last a very long time while wearing nicely, the Essence one is my favourite. It is my favourite because one quick swipe is enough to get the pigment I desire on my face, while still blending nicely around the edges. I also find that the Wet n Wild highlight is a tiny bit patchy in comparison, but when blending out there isn't much of a difference. The colour is the exact same on the face (and pretty much the exact same swatched on my arm). Essence also gets another point because there are two shades at the moment.

In the first pic below I'm using the Essence highlighter, which I blended out to make it more subtle, and then powdered on top a bit while setting my under eye.

I put on a bit of foundation earlier this week just to showcase these highlighters, one on each cheek, so excuse the lack of makeup. In this first picture I'm wearing the Essence Highlighter, and in the second one I'm wearing the Wet n Wild highlighter.

As you can see, there's barely any difference. I could wear one on each cheek and no one would be able to tell. Inspecting the highlighters closely, the Wet n Wild one seems a little bit more glittery, but it's very subtle so I don't mind.

I do, however, have one problem with both of these highlighters. Neither of these highlighters with the available (limited and non-existent) shade range would work well for anyone with deeper skin. I would like to see them expand the shades since these products are so great and affordable. If you have lighter skin and are thinking about picking one of these up (or both) I highly recommend and would definitely purchase with my own money and will purchase the essence one if it is still available in the decade that it'll take me to run through both of these highlighters.

See you soon!