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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation Review


I recently received an amazing voxbox from Influenster that included several full size Lancome makeup products. As usual, voxbox's are free and anyone can sign up for Influenster and receive them if you qualify based on your survey answers and score.

The Teint Idoe voxbox included a full size foundation, primer, lipstick and setting spray and I've been putting them to the test ever since. This review is focused on the foundation, but as I use the other products more I'll probably end up writing reviews on them too.

This is a matte foundation—a finish I normally stay away from because of my combination to dehydrated skin. I have a few dry patches on my face that foundations tend to cling to so I normally go for natural finishes or dewy foundations, but I've heard so many amazing things about this particular foundation (and still love my super old expired Lancome foundation) so I really wanted to give this a try. I even filmed a first impressions full day wear test  video that went up a few hours ago on my channel! Here's the video linked down below if you want to see what I thought the first time wearing it. If you want my full review; keep on reading!

This foundation really surprised me. First of all, the shade Bisque is a perfect match for my winter colour. It's very yellow so it's identical to my skin, so if you find foundations might look too yellow on you don't get that shade, but on me it's perfect. Most yellow undertone foundations are still too neutral for me so I was super pleased with the match.

The foundation is definitely matte, but I thought it would be full coverage. It's definitely a high medium coverage and could probably be built up to full, but I prefer how it looks with medium coverage because it looks more like real skin and the matte finish ends up being more of a 'natural' matte rather than looking too dry on me. At first it was a little bit dry, but after finishing the rest of my makeup, I noticed that it was setting in very nicely. It's one of those foundations that takes an hour or so to start looking really nice on your skin, which is amazing because on me that means it'll look amazing all day long.

This was a picture I took after wearing the foundation for about four hours. Makeup layered beautifully on top (especially the concealer) and I found that my bronzer, blush and highlighter wore longer than usual. My forehead, nose and sometimes chin can become shiny throughout the day, but with this foundation I found that it just looked more natural in those areas without anything breaking apart.

The only thing that I noticed after about eight hours of wear is that the foundation starts to settle into a few lines. On me it's under my mouth because I always contort my face to bite the inside of my cheek (weird... I know), but my forehead lines that ALWAYS look bad with a matte foundation looks completely fine as long as I bake it with a translucent powder for a few minutes after blending out my concealer.  Almost all of my foundations settle into my forehead and under my mouth so this isn't anything new for me, but I always like to mention it in reviews.

I included a quick clip that didn't make it into my first impressions video of a five hour check in below!

My final thoughts on this foundation is that I love it! It wears for a ridiculous amount of hours and looks amazing all day long. The coverage is perfect for me and it works on my entire face, even though my skin is dehydrated, which causes it to create extra oils in my T-zone, and I have dry patches as well. Other makeup sits on top very well, so that's really nice and the colour is a perfect match for me, which never happens.

I highly recommend trying this foundation out. If you have oily skin, check out Samantha's video review that she filmed during her 12 days of foundation series giving her full review and thoughts on this foundation (she loves it too!). That's it for this review. I hope you stick around to watch the full first impressions video on this foundation to see exactly how well it wore all day long.

See you soon!