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Monday, June 24, 2019

Revlon #feelinglippie 2019 ~ Lots of new makeup!


I went to the 2019 Revlon #feelinglippie event a few weeks back and got to see and bring home some new products that will be available in stores very soon (if not already). I also have other newer products that Revlon sent me in the mail a few months back that I completely forgot to write a post about, so I'm including them here since most of the were also featured at the showcase!

I've already given a mini review of the products in the first picture so I'll link my Instagram posts that reference them here. I'll provide a quick breakdown though. Love: Foundation, lipstick. Like: Brow pencil and lash curler. Meh: Concealer. Let me know in the comments if you want to know any specifics about any of those that I don't mention in the post. The one product I did want to touch on is the brow product since there's only one thing I don't like about it that didn't have me including it in the love category.

Here's the Colorstay Brow Creator swatched on my wrist. The thinner line on the right is the actual brow pencil, and the thicker one on the left is the powder. Yes, there's a powder sponge thing included in that pencil, but it's also the part I don't like. The powder itself works nicely in the brows, but at least with mine, there's no way to stop it from falling all over the place. Luckily when I swatched it I found this out, rather than using it on my face and ruining my foundation. The next pic is what my desk looked like after just swatching my arm.

Now imagine having those powder speckles all over your finished makeup face. Yeah... I wouldn't want that either. If you want to use the powder in this product, I highly recommend doing your eyebrows first or at least before your foundation. Maybe my particular pencil is the only one falling all over the place like this, but I'd rather let you all know just to be safe. I love the brow pencil and spooley though and think it's 100% worth purchasing it,  even if you don't end up getting use out of the powder.

Now onto the newer products!

These are brand new Ultra HD Vinyl Lip Polishes and I LOVE them! They're SUPER pigmented and wear for a very long time, but that also means they're a bit sticky so you probably don't want to wear them on a windy day with your long hair down. In the second pic of this post you can also see a clear gloss. That's the new formulation of their Super Lustrous lip gloss (I guess it's now called 'The Gloss') and I'm a little sad to say that I don't like the new formula as much as the last one. It's way too sticky for my liking, though it is a lot shinier so it really depends on your preference!

For the Lip Polishes I was gifted the colours 'Berry Blissed' and 'Cherry on Top' and I've been loving them! I'm hoping to get my hands on some of the nudes. I'm wearing 'Cherry on Top' in this next pic!

Isn't it so pretty? Ok enough of that. Now onto the eyeliners!

The So Fierce Vinyl Eyeliners got me so excited at the event! They swatch like a dream and stay on forever if you don't rub them. This is something that I could wear on my eyelid that wouldn't smudge off when I forget that I'm wearing makeup and accidentally rub my eyes. It'll stay on my hand forever if I don't intentionally try to scrub it off. The colours are so rich and creamy (I had a swatch of the red one on my hand the night of the event an I loved it) and I was super excited to get the purple colour in my gift baggie. I'm leaving the black on in its packaging for now because I have so many other open black liners, but I'm hesitant to give it away because the formula is seriously amazing so we'll see. Perhaps I'll keep it on hand until my next declutter series so I can add it into my main collection!

As for the mascara, I have a million to go through first (as usual) so it might be a year or two before I eventually get to it (unless I start seeing people raving about this one).

All in all I'm very excited about the new releases. I love most of them, but there are always a few things I don't love so I enjoy being able to share my honest thoughts with you and really appreciate that Revlon keeps sending me their products to try out and inviting me to their Toronto events, even though I'm not afraid to tell my readers and viewers if I don't like a particular product. Here's a little pic of what I wore to the event because I love the pants (even though it's unrelated to this post hehe).

I hope you've enjoyed this post and can get your hands on some of these products (Especially the foundation, lip vinyls and eyeliner!).

See you soon!