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Friday, July 19, 2019

Daytime Skincare Routine ~ Summer 2019
July 19, 20190 Comments

My last post was focused on the products that I use every night for my skincare routine, but this one is for what I use every morning, or at least after I wash my face during the day. I didn't include sunscreen in this post since I'm terrible and don't wear it on a daily basis (and I only own two that I switch between), but I'll do a post comparing them at some point this summer!

Clearly I've been trying to stick to the same line of products, which is why I've also been using the Dr. Belmeur Panthenol Soothing Gel Cream. As the name states this is a gel and it does feel quite soothing. I just keep this under the sink with the other skincare I use on a regular basis, but it somehow feels a bit cool to the touch. This is very hydrating and very spreadable so you really don't need a lot. I really enjoy it, but I definitely feel like the moisturizer I use at night from the brand is harder to replace and I can easily switch this one out for something else in my collection. I reviewed the full line in an old post here if you're interested in more a more in-depth review than my nighttime skincare routine post.

I mentioned this same IQ Natural Rested Eyes gel in my last post so I won't go into this one here. It's great and works well under concealer so I'm happy with it!

The unique product here is clearly The Ordinary's Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%. I featured this product in a post about my favourite The Ordinary products a long while back and still love it! I give a full review there, but I truly believe this works for my skin. I went a long time without using it so that stinging pain (which definitely isn't a light tingle like the website claims) did happen again for the first few days, but after using it for a week straight my skin got used to it and now it's just another product I use and don't think about since it no longer hurts. Beauty is pain, right?

I don't see myself adding in any new products to this routine on a daily basis because it has been working so well, but because the eye cream is running low and I'll eventually run out of the moisturizer, I'll do an updated post since the routine will be changing at that point.

That's it for my morning/daytime skincare routine! It's kind of boring, but I'm really proud of myself for being consistent with my skincare. I know many don't worry about it in the daytime, but if you do, let me know some of your favourite products to use!

See you soon!

Friday, July 05, 2019

Nighttime Skincare Routine ~ Summer 2019
July 05, 20190 Comments

It's been a very long time since I've done a blog post focusing on a skincare routine of mine. Now that I think of it and scroll back, it's been a while since I've made a post dedicated to a range of skincare products.

Summer is finally here in Toronto and while my skin tends to do better this time of year, I have no intentions of slacking on my skincare again considering how much it's been acting up for the past year. While my wedding may still be closer to a year away, I need my skin to be in its best condition.

Skincare is going to be the focus of this blog and my Instagram for the month of July. I've realized that I depend on buying new beauty products or receiving them in PR in order to put out posts when I have perfectly good products that already exist in my collection—even if I've already mentioned them before. Most of these have been mentioned on this blog at one point, but I'm using them differently and it's been really working for me.

This is my nighttime skincare routine that I have been using every single night for the past month and a half. Some of you may think this is over the top, but I also know some of you think this is tiny in comparison to your routines. The only products not mentioned here are my cleansers, but I'll mention those later on in this post since I cleanse my face every morning as well.

I use my Foreo Luna Mini every single night when I cleanse my face and this has probably made the biggest difference in my skin. This is very gentle, but gets my face super clean without irritating it. My coworker and friend gave this to me because her skin is really sensitive and can't even use this one and I'm super grateful because these things are expensive. However, now that I've used it extensively, I can truly say that it's worth the money and would purchase one myself if something happened to mine.

I did a blog post on this Dr. Belmeur skincare line a while back, but at the time I wasn't super blown away with it after only testing it out for a few weeks. While I use these both every night, the Cica Recovery Cream is my favourite from the line. I honestly can't tell if the serum is doing much, but the cream really sinks into my skin and hydrates it after washing all of the bad stuff off in the sink. You only need the slightest amount to cover your whole face so mine is going to last me a very long time. In my last review I didn't think I would purchase this on my own once I ran out, but now I think I will unless I opt for an old favourite instead.

My IQ Natural eye cream has been a favourite ever since I received it years ago from the brand. Yes, you read that right. YEARS. This stuff lasts for ever and still works amazingly well at moisturizing my under eye. If I do my whole routine and skip this step, I can really feel that it's missing. This just makes my undereye area feel a lot nicer. It doesn't help with brightening, but definitely at keeping the area from becoming dry.

I got this Divine Essence Rosehip Oil in an old blogger box over a year ago and never paid much attention to it because I thought it would make my skin oiler. But one day RawBeautyKristi mentioned that she was using Rosehip Oil in her skincare routine and that it made a huge difference. Ever since I've been using it and am in love! This is the second last step of my nighttime skincare routine when I have active breakouts, but the very last one when I don't. After doing some research, I learned that oils should be the last step at night. I'm not sure if that truly works, but I've just been listening to that. This stuff also lasts forever.

Last, but not least, I use the Clean & Clear Salicylic Acid on top of any active breakouts that I may have. I usually always have two, but for a few days out of every month my skin will go without any and those are the days that I ignore this step. I've tried many salicylic acids and although they are technically the same ingredient and strength, I feel like this one along with my The Ordinary one work the best. The packaging on this sucks though, but it's affordable so I can't complain too much.

For my cleansers at night, I mainly use my Cetaphil 'Oily Skin Cleanser', but two to three days a week (very rarely four) I will use my Neutrogena 'Pink Grapefruit Pampelmousse Rose Cream-to-Foam Cleanser' for acne-prone skin. I pretty much gave a full review on both on my Instagram so I'll just post the photo below.

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I'm hoping for July to be a skin focused month on here and my blog so to kick things off are my favourite cleansers! I have combination skin, but love my @cetaphilcanada oily skin cleanser for a majority of my face washing (morning and night). It's very gentle, but does a great job of cleaning my face and helping keep my acne to a minimum. I also have eczema a few times a year and this is the only cleanser I can use that doesn't irritate it. I won this particular bottle in a giveaway, but I've purchased it many times in the past and will continue to in the future! My @neutrogena cleanser (also for acne-prone skin) is what I use after the gym (three times a week) or after very heavy makeup days (maybe once every 1–2 weeks). This one gets everything out, but is heavier than what I need on a daily basis and especially mornings. This is Steven's favourite so he uses this a majority of the time and sometimes used the Cetaphil. I got this from @chickadvisor for free months ago, but will definitely purchase if it's still around when we finish it! #bbloggersCA #beauty #bblogger #canadian #beautyaddiction #canada #canadianbeautyblogger #torontoblogger #youtube #discoverunder1k #skincare #instaskincare #skincarejunkie #skincareaddiction #bodycare #cleanser #drugstorecleanser #drugstoreskincare #sensitiveskin #acneproneskin #adultacne #pinkpower #cetaphil #gotitfree
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That's it for my nighttime skincare routine! I'm not sure how long this will stay the same considering some of the products are running out,  but if it keeps working well then there's no point of changing it up too much aside from maybe trying a new eye cream and using my The Ordinary salicylic acid once this one runs out completely.

See you soon!