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About Amy

Hello everyone! Welcome to my beauty and lifestyle blog!

Hi, my name is Amy! I'm in my mid 20's, married to the love of my life and we have two dogs together. I work full time in the tech-industry, but I'm also a young-adult/fantasy author and I love documenting my life on the internet. 

This blog has been around for a long time, but when I started taking it seriously it became an exclusively beauty blog. Over the past few years I've stepped away from makeup a bit after becoming overwhelmed by how much I have (and continued receiving) and decided I wanted to shift the focus more towards lifestyle, while still including beauty posts. While I've majorly changed what I like to watch and read, I do still love channels like RawBeautyKristi Samantha Ravndahl for beauty content and more. 

I got married in September of 2020 during the worldwide pandemic. Thankfully cases were at an all time low the week of my socially-distanced wedding, but it still changed the experience and I have an entire Wedding mini-series on this blog. 

The main focus of this blog will be lifestyle and beauty. Lifestyle is very general, so to break it down these are the main topics that I want to focus on in the next few years: Family planning, finances, including home ownership, dogs, mental health, sexual health, relationships and so much more! I also plan on learning how to sew and would love to document that journey (as someone who has never touched a sewing machine previously) and incorporate DIY projects. If I end up being any good, maybe I'll open up a shop and sell cute animal accessories.

As for beauty content, posts will primarily focus on products I already own, empties, beauty routines, updated product reviews and makeup looks I create. I do always share makeup posts on my Instagram account so go give that a follow if you want to look through countless posts of mine. If your'e here for puppy content, go follow my dogs Sophie and Chewy :)

Please feel free to request posts, videos, photos, anything! I want honest feedback so I know how to improve my blog. I did not create my theme as the bottom credits will show you, but I have HEAVILY edited it and made multiple structural changes that I'm not willing to share at the moment.

If you are a brand who is interested in working with me, please go to my Business Inquiries page :) I will have information on my hair and skin type there as well.

I hope to see your comments!