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About Amy

Hello everyone! Welcome to my beauty blog :)

I am a huge beauty junkie in my 'early' twenties who spends her free time watching videos by amazing beauty vloggers like Samantha Ravndahl, Shaaanxo, RawBeautyKristi and many more. I make beauty videos as well so please check out my YouTube channel (linked at the top header).

I am part of the awesome Canadian Beauty Bloggers network whom have provided amazing opportunities to me. The main focus of this blog is for product reviews and hauls, but I will also throw in swatch posts, mini makeup tutorials, event posts, and much more! I won't always have a video to go along with the posts, but I'll always have swatches if it's a lipstick/blush/bronzer/eyeshadow/etc based review. I post mini reviews on my Instagram as well that don't always end up on this blog as a full review, so make sure to follow me there if you want to see everything!

Even though I'm extremely lucky and sometimes get sent products for free (I still get really excited when it happens), I won't lie about those products in reviews. I will review them honestly and if there is something that I don't like about the products I WILL let you know. I will always disclose if the products were sent to me (and if I contacted the company myself or if they contacted me, etc., and if the post is sponsored (which I have not done thus far.)

Please feel free to request posts, videos, photos, anything! I want honest feedback so I know how to improve my blog. I did not create my theme, but I am trying to tweak it to make it work with my wants and needs, so if you see something really weird or have advice, please throw it my way!

If you are a brand who is interested in working with me, please go to my Business Inquiries page :) I will have information on my hair and skin type there as well.

I hope to see your comments!


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