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Brands I Work / Have Worked With

Here is a growing list of brands I have worked with or have received products from, as well as events I have attended!

  • Wet n Wild
  • Essence Cosmetics
  • Catrice Cosmetics
  • Revlon
  • Chrissy's Knee High Socks
  • Shea Noir
  • Zoya
  • Msquared Brands (Blogger Boxes with several brands)
  • Chorus Supernatural (Hair)
  • Egyptian Magic
  • Gummiband
  • Optically Canada
  • Le Petit Marseillais
  • Schwarzkopf Professional
  • SarynaKey Hair Therapy
  • Flickable
  • ISA Professional (Hair)
  • Monthly Watch Club
  • MyChelle Skincare
  • IQ Natural Skincare
  • MarchScorpio Boutique (Fashion + Accessories)
  • Arm and Hammer
  • MoorSpa Natural (Skin + Body Care)
  • Elancyl
  • Moroccan Oil
  • Joico
  • Avon
  • Silk'n Professional
  • MGS Beauty
  • & more!

Brand Events:
  • Makeup Forever Professional
  • Essence Cosmetics
  • Catrice Cosmetics
  • Revlon
  • Moroccan Oil
  • Town Shoes
  • Weleda
  • & more!

I have worked with other brands as well through different PR companies, but for privacy reasons I will not write down the names of those companies. I don't want everyone emailing them asking to be put on their PR list or to be sent products. I have also worked with brands that I ended up not posting about because I did not like the products, so I feel better leaving them out of the list.

I have been offered many other collaborations, but for many reasons it did not work out:

  • I wasn't interested in the product.
  • It wasn't intended for Canadian bloggers.
  • I was asked to lie/leave out information, or accept money to purchase the product to not disclose 
  • I was asked to include 'do follow' links 
  • I couldn't work with the ingredients (due to allergies).