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Business Inquiries

If you want to send me products for a review or if you're looking for collaborating on a blog post, Instagram post(s) and/or YouTube video, please shoot me an email at:

At the moment I only get a few PR packages sent so my regular mail box is enough, but  I will get a P.O. Box when needed (which seems sooner than I thought.) For now you can send me an email and I will send you my full media kit with my mailing address included (as long as you are a real company).

At the bottom of this post I will include a bit of information about my skin and hair so you'll know if I'm the right fit for a product!

*I will only post a review on a product that I have tried out. If I absolutely hate it I will let you know beforehand, but I will not lie to my audience if I do not like the product.*

*I will only do sponsored content if I try out the products and like it / it can work for myself or others*

Here is my public media kit!

Click here to see the growing list of brands I've worked with!

More About Me:


- Normal to combination skin. I have very few dry patches and only get an oily forehead and chin in the summer.

- Allergic to Tea Tree Oil so PLEASE don't send me something that contains that ingredient. I had a very bad reaction once (right before prom) so I'm forever terrified of going near it ever again.

- I am not vegan or cruelty free, but I really appreciate products that are. That being said, I do use a few products that are not vegan nor cruelty free so I will not reject samples based on that.

- I'm 21 so my skin is pretty good. I have minor scarring on my chin, but my main concern is keeping my skin looking young and fresh.


- Chemically straightened

- Will not bleach (ever again)

- Natural hair is extremely curly (anything that will help relax the non-chemically straightened area would be amazing)

- Very dry tips and mid section (mainly from it being bleached in the past)


- I have a small dog (13 lbs) named Chewy!

- Very interested in planners / planning