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Friday, October 02, 2020

My Wedding Dress: Pictures and my Journey to Finding my Dream Dress
October 02, 20200 Comments


I've you've read previous blog posts about my wedding, you'll know it was a rough ride getting to it with the 2020 pandemic. We rescheduled once, cancelled in order to reschedule the ceremony only, the hotel cancelled on us so we had to reschedule AGAIN (on the same day and similar time at least) to actually make it happen.

Our full wedding & reception of eighty-five turned into a small wedding ceremony of twenty-one. A lot had changed and gone to waste (especially all of the stationary items from save the dates to a wedding sign). In the end, if you're reading this, it all worked out and I'm finally a married woman! One very important thing  about my wedding day that didn't go to waste is my wedding dress, and that's what this post is going to be focused on. Welcome to the first post in my wedding series!

The see-through mesh and lash blended in so well with my skin.

The subtle mesh on the side and button detailing made it even more beautiful.

Here's me in my beautiful wedding dress! This is the Madison Collection (By Richman Group) dress in style #3050. It's available in white or ivory (I think I got Ivory? I never checked) and is described as having an illusion bodice. I love this dress because the fabric on the bottom is heavy, so I feel secure in it, but the top 'illusion bodice' lace looks so beautiful and shows just the right amount of skin. I also love that it has the tank-top styled sleeves and mainly covers my back (an area of my body I'm a bit self conscious about because of bacne scars and I'm a very hairy lady).

Unlike my original dress (yes, I'll explain more soon), this one has a train. I originally didn't want a train because it's annoying to walk in, but I'm an idiot and didn't realize you could pin up the train to make dancing and walking around easier. It also looks so pretty and elongating and the lace detailing on it is absolutely stunning.

I got lucky because the day I went to the boutique with my mother was the same day this dress arrived. We'd gotten there a few hours before closing and they had just received the shipment an hour prior. There wasn't even a price tag on it yet! They knew the MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price) and obviously knew how much they'd have to sell it for, but after hearing my story about not liking my original dress I picked, and our strict budget (thanks to Steven thinking the original price of this dress was absurd) they brought the price down and my mom bought it.

It was quite the journey to get to this dress considering I started out with a different one (in a completely different style) that was less than half the price. My original dress was this Galina wedding dress from David's Bridal. I bought it on sale for just over $500 including taxes. 

Steven and I are extreme budgeters and I wanted to find a dress under $500 because it's one I'll only actually wear once. Of course there aren't many brand new in-person wedding dresses that are good quality and go for this price so I found the one I liked best for the price and thought I loved it. In reality, I was ok with it, but wasn't in love, but it's what I could get for that budget. After a few months of owning it, I realized how much regret I had and started to hate the dress.

Fast forward a few more months of me desperately trying to find ways to make it better (I was literally using apps to draw on alterations) and my mother convinced me to go to a bridal store with her. She was outraged that I wouldn't spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress and pretty much forced me to pick out a new one that she would pay for. Steven and I would've rather had her give us money to use towards a down payment, but she compromised and said she's get one at around the $1000 mark and give us the rest as a gift. My wedding dress was the first one I tried on at Best for Bride Etobicoke and I was instantly in love. I actually cried upon trying it on before realizing it would be mine.

When I was trying to work with my old dress I looked at detachable trains. The one I came really close to buying is the Jaspe Detachable Overskirt from  Ivory and Stone's website in New Zealand (Yes, they ship to Canada). The lace on it (and colour) looked very close to my original dress and would've made it a thousand times prettier. I emailed them and they were LOVELY and so helpful, sending me all the reference photos I wanted and talking me through all my options. The same weekend I was going to order this, I got my new dress, so I let them know and apologized profusely. Instead of ignoring me or being upset, they were so happy for me getting the dress of my dreams and understood completely. Their customer service is honestly amazing so if you're looking for an overskirt, a cape, or even a dress, please go check them out!

In the end I was able to sell my original dress on Poshmark (highly recommend) and while I lost a few hundred dollars, it went to a great home and I used that money towards alterations on the new dress. If anything, I've learned a serious lesson about rushing into purchases!

As for my shoes, I wore these Nina New York shoes. I'm pretty sure my exact pair have been discontinued, but here are some very similar styles from the brand. This one pair is the closest, despite being taupe instead of gold. If you have wide feet like me, this brand is for you!

Very simple and a fairly neutral gold.
A nice low block heel for maximum comfort!

Here are some unflattering pictures of me trying on other wedding dresses! Some of these dresses are actually from the same collection as mine.

That's it for my wedding dress journey! I hope this was somewhat entertaining and lighthearted. I'm very grateful that my mother bought my dream dress for me. because of Covid, we weren't able to have a reception, which means when we eventually can I'll be wearing the dress again! I'm sure I'll still fit in it considering I didn't diet for the wedding and it wasn't altered to be a tight fit so unless I'm pregnant by the time we can finally celebrate things should be fine.

See you soon!

Friday, November 22, 2019

Chrissy's Long Socks Review ~ The Best Long Socks? (AD)
November 22, 20190 Comments

Chrissy's Knee High Socks have sent over two pairs of their famous long socks for me to try out and review in exchange for this blog post, which they have sponsored! The website has THOUSANDS of different colours and styles, but the obvious takeaway from the name of the site is that their socks are all long.

The website offers free shipping on orders over $50 USD  (in the USA) and they usually ship the socks within 24 hours, which is great for the holiday season! These socks are very affordable considering they're really great quality and made in the USA. The socks feel like they'd be more expensive and didn't sag on me while wearing them, which is great since I normally find myself pulling my socks up at least a few times a day. Compared to the other cute socks I own, these are definitely higher quality and not as thin, so I don't see these wearing out after only a few months of use.

What really caught my eye when looking through the website is that they don't only have knee-high socks, but also thigh high socks, which I've never tried before. I have a huge love for cute socks, especially in the Autumn and Winter since I want to be extra cozy. I'm also obsessed with pink things, so of course I chose two pairs that were pink.

I picked the white/light pink tube socks for my knee high pair (they're on sale at the time this post is going up for only $7.99!) because the combination of white and pink is my favourite as you'll be able to tell from the pictures below.

I find knee high socks easy to style because most of my boots end lower than them, so I can always have the tops peaking out. They add so much to what otherwise appears as a boring outfit in the winter. I live in leggings when I'm not at work, so these are great since you can put them on top. I especially like wearing them with my Uggs for an extra cozy outfit.

For my thigh high socks I picked the Solid Baby Pink Thigh Highs, which are also on sale ($9.99 USD!) specifically to wear with my over-the-knee black boots that I've owned for two years now. I didn't really know how to style them before and because it gets really cold here in Canada, I avoided them in the winter. Now that I have socks long enough to keep me warm underneath these boots I can wear dresses or skirts with them and have them peak out for a nice pop of colour.  Basically, I can wear cuter outfits without freezing to death.

Another really cool thing about the long socks on the website is that they have styles for every occasion! If you're looking for great socking stuffers, check out the Christmas socks they have available! It's already passed this year, but their selection of Halloween socks is great from witchy socks to rainbow socks to candy-themed pairs! I included a picture from the website to show you an example of a cute pair of socks that remind me of candy corn you could wear in the Autumn/Fall or on Halloween.

Overall I'm very impressed with the quality of the Chrissy's Long Socks and can see myself purchasing them for myself and others in the future whenever I want cute socks for holidays or themed outfits. You can never go wrong with gifting socks so if you live in the USA I highly recommend picking up a bunch if your'e interested so you can take advantage of free shipping and include them in all of your loved-ones stockings this holiday season!

Thank you again to Chrissy's Long Socks for sponsoring this blog post and sending over the socks for review. I love them and will definitely keep wearing them all year round :)

See you soon!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

GummiBand Hair Cord Review! + Giveaway
December 10, 20170 Comments

I have another review for you today and it is on GummiBands. GummiBands are awesome hair cords that retail for $7.99 CAD on and will make you never want to go back to regular hair bands ever again (at least that's how I feel about these)! I will have my full review in this post along with pictures of the bands in use and on their own. There will be a coupon code, as well as an awesome giveaway that I'm hosting so definitely keep on reading for that!

GummiBands come in several neutral an fun colours. The brand was nice enough to send me most of the colours, which I was very excited about. These GummiBands are all kinds of awesome! They work way better than regular hair ties on my hair—whether it's curly or straight—and there are a lot of benefits to using them that I will share with you. I learned a lot about these hair cords.

  • Hypoallergenic!
    • It's not fabric, so nothing gross will grow on them
  • Reusable
    • They'll return to normal size after a little while
    • After a long time of use, you can put them in hot water or blow hot air on them and they'll shrink back to normal!
  • One year warranty
    • GummiBand gives you a one year warranty so if your bands break, you're covered!
  • Gentle
    • Your hair won't snap
    • These won't leave big dents and ruin your hairstyle
    • Easy to take off (surprisingly)
  • Born in Canada
  • Gives Back
GummiBand is a Canadian brand that is 100% female operated. The GummiBands are only $7.99 CAD, and shipping is always free in Canada. Right now these are only available in Canada, but I won't be surprised if these start selling in other countries soon because they're awesome!

As you can see, GummiBands really hold my hair well! I only have one in my hair in these pics, and I have A LOT of hair. If you have super duper thick hair you can double up, but I only need one at a time—even if I'm wearing my hair curly!

I have a coupon code for you if you're interested in purchasing GummiBands! Use my code BONUS32 when you purchase any 4-cord pack of GummiBands and you will receive 2 extra GummiBands for free!


I told you at the beginning of this post that there was going to be a giveaway, so here it is! One winner will be getting 2 packs of GummiBands! The giveaway is posted on Instagram so you do need an account there to enter. You do need to be a Canadian resident to enter, but all of the rest of the rules are included in my post, so please click on the photo below or visit @beautybyamysousa on your app or browser to view the post and enter!

A post shared by Amy Sousa (@beautybyamysousa) on

Also: I found this cute picture on and thought it was an adorable home decor idea if you have these, or anything colourful like this. I now want to find a cute jar for me to store all of my GummiBands in just like this pic!

That's all! I hope you enjoyed this review, and please don't forget to enter my giveaway! It ends in under a week so go enter now! 

See you soon!

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Monthly Watch Club ~ Female and Male Watch Review
December 06, 20170 Comments
Hello everyone!

I have something a little different this time around and I'm very excited about it! Monthly Watch Club, a Canadian company, reached out to me asking if I'd be interesting in doing a review now that they also offer watch subscriptions for women after offering Men's watches for about a year. I've been wanting to try watches out for quite a while now, so of course I agreed to try one out and share my thoughts! I also have a coupon code (non-affiliate) that you can use on month to month subscriptions (it will be at the end of this post).

I did mention that I have a boyfriend, Steven, who loves and knows a bunch about watches, and they offered to send one for him as well (and he was really excited to have something sent specifically to him).

Review + Pictures

The only concern I had disappeared after a few days, but I thought it'd be worth mentioning in case it happens to you as well. The day I received the watches, we set them to the proper time. In under 24 hours the watch was 10 minutes slower, and Steven's was about 3. The difference didn't continue to grow, so we reset them a second time and they have both kept time perfectly until this day! I suspect that this is probably normal with any new watch that uses a similar battery, so definitely give it a few days if you notice this as well!

Female watch (October 2017 version)

A post shared by Amy Sousa (@beautybyamysousa) on

I've been wearing my watch for over a week now and based on that I can safely say that I like it! I really like the design of the watch I received (it's the October watch and still available on the site). The strap is made of genuine leather and I love the colour! The watch is water resistant, but I don't like wearing any type of watch/bracelet/rings/etc. if I plan on getting my hands wet so I won't be testing that part out. What really caught my eye was the rose gold. Even the watch hands and numbers are rose gold! This style is perfect for me so I can see myself wearing this a lot!

Male watch (September 2017 version)

The male watch doesn't look as modern, but we love that! Steven and I really like the face of the watch with the only exception being the little 2017. Steven thinks that part looks tacky and that it dates the watch, but if that weren't there it would be perfect! The colour of the strap is also really nice, but Steven isn't a fan of the snakeskin look that a lot of people love. The watch is also water resistant, which is great for Steven because he's too lazy to take it off if he's just washing his hands. The watch looks really nice with a lot of outfits and Steven will definitely be getting a lot of wear out of it! This watch is also available on the site for purchase!


You can either choose a male or female subscription. There are a few options in terms of how long you subscribe for: one month, three months, six months, or one full year! You will pay for whichever option you choose in one payment (rather than month by month unless you choose that option), but you do get a discount that gets better if you go for a longer subscription term.


Month to month: $39.99
Three Month:      $114.99 (Save $4.98)
Six Month:          $219.99 (Save $19.95)
One Year:            $395.99 (Save $83.89)

How the Subscription Works

Your watch will ship out on the first day of the month regardless of which plan you select. If you're buying within Canada you will receive tracking information, but not if you're international. The shipping time varies depending on where you live: Canada is 1–10 business days, USA 4–10 business days, and international can be anywhere between 6–14 business days.

Do you get to pick the watch? No. It is a surprise every time.

I did ask about skipping a month, and was told that you do have the option to skip. I can't verify how this works since I was sent the watches for review, but I'm assuming that you would have to select the option to skip before a certain date.

I asked about the difference between subscription plans. There is obviously a price difference, but I wanted to if there was anything else, and there is! If you select the 12 month (one year) plan, you will receive a 12 slot watch box with your order, which is pretty awesome if you're into watches and like displaying them nicely (you will see a picture of it on the website if you select the plan).

There is a lot of other information available in the Frequently Asked Questions section of Monthly Watch Club's website such as warranty info, dates, and so much more! You are also able to buy past watches individually on the Monthly Watch Club website, so have a look there too!

Coupon code!

I asked Monthly Watch Club if they had any coupon codes that are always available, and they sent one to me! This is a non-affiliate code so I will not be gaining anything if you use it and it is available to anyone to use on the month to month subscriptions! The code is WATCH25 and it will give you 25% off your first month on the month to month subscription. Sometimes there are other coupon codes you can use as well. At the moment that I'm writing this, there is a Cyber Monday code (extended sale) where if you use the code CYBER35 at checkout, you will receive 35% off of everything that Monthly Watch Club sells! The Cyber Monday code is still being promoted on the website, so if you don't see it there it has likely expired!

That's it for this review! If you follow me on Instagram (@beautybyamysousa) I'm sure you'll be seeing the watch in a few pictures over the holidays!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Colour Series  ~ Pink
June 22, 20150 Comments
Hello and welcome to the first of eventually many colour series posts! Carli Bybel on youtube posted a video a few months ago (or weeks, can't remember) revolving around the colour red and I thought it was a great idea so all credits for the idea go to her! I decided to create a look that is based on PINK because pink is such a fun colour for spring and summer and let's be honest- not many people wear pink eyeshadow.

I wanted to incorporate pink in everything so I filmed this video for you :) I hope you enjoy it!

Amy Sousa