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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

GO, by Headzone Review
August 14, 20190 Comments

It's been a little while! The end of July and August have been the busiest months so far this year. Every weekend we've been all over the place (usually between all of our parents houses) so I've been doing my makeup on the go or at other people's houses a lot. This is a perfect segue into GO, by Headzone, which is the product I'm going to be talking to you about in this post.

Headzone sent me their compact makeup mirror, GO, last month to try out and write a review on. While I did receive this for free in exchange for the review, I'm not being paid by them and all thoughts are my own. They currently have a kickstarter going on (that ends in four days!) for this compact so if you want to get in on the lowered pricing (starting at $49 USD), you'll want to check that out right away.

This is amazing for me since I'm always doing my makeup at other people's houses, but their lighting is always different, which makes it difficult. This is amazing for travel so I'm really excited to take it with me to NewYork City soon. We'll be driving at night, so it'll be great to have a mirror with a light built in so I can still see what I'm doing while replicating natural light with all of the settings. There are 11 different brightness levels as well as 11 different colour tones so you can really find the perfect lighting no matter where you are!

I'm very happy they sent me the rose gold since it's my favourite colour, but this mirror also comes in silver and pale gold! It feels like it's very high quality and so far it's been working perfectly, even after lugging it around with me everywhere I go (and I'm not the most gentle with my bags). The battery has also been great since I only charged it when it first arrived and so far it doesn't look like it's going to run out. They claim 5+ hours of battery life, which is really long, but just to be on the safe side I will charge it before my trip. It's really easy since it's just a USB charger.

Would I recommend this? 100% if you are doing your makeup outside from your usual set up frequently and find that it's hard to find accurate lighting. If you travel a lot, I also highly recommend this! It's pricey, but it's very good quality and honestly does a better job than my big makeup mirror simply because the lighting functions are so customizable vs my big mirror that only has one light option. This would also make an amazing gift.

I have an instagram post below that shares a few photos of me using this awesome mirror, but if you want to see more, their kickstarter page includes videos and graphics that do a much better job than I can.

Headzone sent me their amazing compact makeup mirror as a #PRSample recently to share my thoughts. This mirror includes an led-light panel with a bunch of different brightness and warmth settings in order to mimick natural sunlight for better makeup application. I've used it a bunch of times since receiving it last week, including in my dark beauty room as pictured here and it works super well! I thankfully got the rose gold (my favourite!), But it comes in silver and pale gold as well. This is currently a Kickstarter so the price of $54USD will be going up afterwards so go check it out at #gobyheadzone #kickstarter #kickstarterprojects #bbloggersCA #beauty #bblogger #canadian #beautyaddiction #canada #canadianbeautyblogger #torontoblogger #youtube #discoverunder1k #makeup #instamakeup #makeupjunkie #makeuplover #makeupaddiction #makeuptools #makeupmirror #me #motd #eyeshadowlook #brunette #beautyreviews #yyz
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I don't have much else to say since this is a mirror, but I'm truly loving this and can't imagine going back to the little makeup mirrors I often got for free when purchasing giftcards. I really do recommend this for all makeup lovers who are frustrated with finding good lighting. Thank you so much to Headzone for sending this amazing mirror to me. I'm going to get so much use out of this and I'm sure everyone else who purchases one will too.

See you soon!

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

MGS Beauty Liquid Lipsticks Review + Wear Test
June 26, 20190 Comments

Today I have a full review on a liquid lipsticks from a brand I had never heard about prior to them reaching out to me. I was sent these two MGS Beauty liquid lipsticks in exchange for this blog post review and I accepted because I really haven't tried many different formulas and these ones are both cruelty free and vegan, which I know a lot of people are looking for! I was also very interested after learning that the owner of this brand used to be a beauty blogger and put so much thought into this so I thought that was super cool. The company itself is MGS Accessories and they also sell other makeup products as well as jewelry and more!

When the brand reached out, I mentioned that I liked the dark nude colour 'Posh'. If you know anything about me, I love medium toned nudes and wear them at least 80% of the time that I have a lip product on. The bright pink colour is called 'Cutie' and while it looks very pretty swatched, it doesn't suit my skin tone at all. That being said, I will try to get some use out of it by wearing it in fun makeup looks so keep an eye out!

These liquid lipsticks retail for $20 USD, which is pretty much the same price as my other high-end liquid lipsticks that I can buy at Sephora (In Canadian dollars that would be $26.38 CAD at the time that I'm writing this). The packaging is also BEAUTIFUL with a rose gold / copper lid as well as writing. I wish all of my lipsticks had pretty packaging like this!

The doe foot applicator is a bit smaller than the ones that come in liquid lipsticks like the ABH ones, MAC, NYX and many more, but I LOVE the size. The smaller doe foot makes it easier to control where I put the lipstick down. For someone like myself who doesn't use lip liner before applying liquid lipstick, this is very easy to apply.

Here are the lipsticks swatched! The first pictures is right after swatching them so they are still a bit wet, and the second picture is about a minute after when they're fully dried down! Now let's get into the wear test.

This formula reminds me a lot of the KVD liquid lipstick formula, which is great because I know A LOT of people have been searching for a vegan dupe since all of the drama surrounding the brand and it used to be one of my favourite formulas.

Before I scar you with closeups, I wanted to tell you that I'm the idiot who forgets to moisturize their lips the morning before wearing a liquid lipstick, as well as not exfoliating my lips. The liquid lipstick listing actually recommends that you exfoliate beforehand, so that's my bad.

I took these pictures just this Sunday, but I've been super sick for over a week, which has led to my lips being dryer than usual so please excuse the dry flakes. Those aren't the lipstick, but pieces of my lip coming off. My lipstick was applied at 1:00 PM and I only did one layer (with wiping off some of the excess lipstick into the tube before applying).

Here's a super close up look of the lipstick on my lips about two minutes after applying.  As you can see, 'Posh' is very opaque and applied very evenly. If you have lips that aren't dry, this would look beautiful on you! Unfortunately, no liquid lipsticks look nice on me when my mouth is closed because my lips are so dry. Exfoliating is pretty much a necessity for me before wearing a liquid lipstick and I regret not doing it this day. Thankfully, I didn't feel like this formula dried my lips out further. In fact, I couldn't feel this on my lips at all so that's a huge win for me! It turns out that these lipsticks contain vitamin E and jojoba oil as ingredients so that makes a lot of sense.

I'm also the idiot who forgot to take a picture before touching up my lipstick so here's a bad quality video still! This picture was taken two and a half hours after application at 3:30 PM. This is what my lips looked like directly after eating some deep fried greasy greek pastry things. I'm honestly impressed as how little lipstick came off at the edges of my mouth considering the pastries were touching and rubbing against it (I have no idea how to explain that without it sounding weird) because they're too big to fit in my mouth whole.

Because the pastries were greasy, I did wipe the edges of my mouth wherever I could feel the oil threatening to drip down my face and that's when the lipstick started to come off a bit. I fully expected this because in the news release the brand states that you will need to reapply if you eat something oily.

I would never wear a liquid lipstick with the intention of eating greasy food and not having to touch up all day long. I have no doubt that it would've lasted a lot longer if I ate non-greasy food and didn't wipe my lips with a napkin, but that just wasn't the case the day I did this wear test. Sure, there are formulas that last a little bit longer (though most that cost the same aren't vegan and cruelty free), but I'd still have to touch them up for the most part so I'd bring the lipstick with me, or remove the whole thing and throw a different lip product on. I decided to do what I'd normally do while wearing a liquid lipstick all day and I touched up the colour!

This is a picture after I added a bit more lipstick to my lips in the areas that needed it. This layered nicely at the time and didn't feel heavy, but it no longer felt like I wasn't wearing anything on my lips (especially where I applied it that still had lipstick on it). Appearance wise, I think it looks brand new so that's really all I can hope for so I'm happy with it.

7:30 at night, six and a half hours after initial application and four hours after my touch up and these were my lips. I didn't do any more touch ups throughout the day and my lipstick looked great after a pasta dinner, but I did eat a double fudge sundae from McDonalds and that's what took off the new layer of lipstick that applied during my touch up earlier on.

As you can see, the corners of my lips are where most of the product came off from. I don't know if this is because that's the wettest area of my mouth or if it's because of the touchup, but I'm pretty happy with how it wore.

Sure, I know the KVD liquid lipstick might have looked a bit better at the end of the day, but many people have been looking for a replacement or their liquid lipsticks and while I'll still use the products I own in my personal life, I don't feel comfortable promoting them to you. If you've been struggling to find a long wearing vegan formula, I recommend giving MGS Beauty a try! Also, remember to exfoliate and not eat super greasy foods if you don't want to touch up at all during the day.

I hope you enjoyed this review on the MGS Beauty liquid lipsticks! Let me know if you have any questions.

See you soon!

Saturday, January 12, 2019

MAC Cosmetics ~ Secret Santa Makeup Review
January 12, 20190 Comments

This is something I haven't really ever done before. I got an amazing Secret Santa gift from work this year. We always use elfster to sign up for it, and the website automatically selects who everyone is buying for so it is kept random and anonymous. I had no clue who had me this year, so I didn't know what to expect from a gift. I got really lucky because the person who got me knows me well and got me makeup and skincare!

All of the makeup was from Mac Cosmetics (which I love) so I decided to review all three products in this one post since the products aren't new releases, but they're all new to me, so I just wanted to share my thoughts on them as well as swatches and pictures of me wearing them.

Cream Colour Base in 'Shell'

I've never tried this formula from Mac, but I have seen it being used here and there on YouTube. The moment I saw the colour, I knew I'd definitely be using it a lot as long as the formulation agreed with me. This is pretty much like any cream shadow, but thankfully the consistency is perfect enough where the shadow doesn't crease, but it's still sticky enough that other eyeshadows stick nicely to it. It is pricey (almost $30 CAD), but, I don't have any cream shadows that wear this well and don't make my eyelids look dry so I really do like it. I  never actually wear this on its own and aways put either a sparkly eyeshadow, or a lighter matte shadow on top like in the photo below.

Dazzleshadow in "Last Dance" 

This is a beautiful light pink sparkly colour. It isn't very opaque, but from my understanding it isn't supposed to be as it provides more of a 3D effect in person. I love putting this on top of the cream shadow for a very pretty but effective look since it does stick down well and the colour and shine stays the same until you remove it. This is a bit pricey, especially in comparison to Mac's regular eyeshadows. I love this colour and would potentially buy one of the other colours (the gold), but the range isn't huge so I can only recommend it if there's a shade you really like. If I had time to put makeup on in the morning, I'd likely throw some bronzer in the crease, and layer those two shadows all over the lid to make me look fresh and awake, do my mascara and brows, and throw on the lippie I'm wearing in this next picture along with this eyeshadow. In the photo below, I put a medium brown shade all over the lid (minus the inner quarter) and then pressed some of 'Last Dance' in that inner quarter for a little bit of brightness.

Tendertalk Lip Balm 'Play With Me'

I love this lip balm! It gives me that popsicle look, but evenly on my lips without staining them. It's super moisturizing. This is a lip balm and is pretty sheer, but since my lips don't have much pigment to them, this does show up on my quite well, like you can see in both face pictures. I don't think it's amazing enough where I'd buy it myself since it is $25 and I get a similar effect with my favourite lip oil, but I'm very happy about getting it as a gift because it is very lovely. The packaging is also really cool, so that and the back to Mac program make it even better!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation Review
December 15, 20180 Comments

I recently received an amazing voxbox from Influenster that included several full size Lancome makeup products. As usual, voxbox's are free and anyone can sign up for Influenster and receive them if you qualify based on your survey answers and score.

The Teint Idoe voxbox included a full size foundation, primer, lipstick and setting spray and I've been putting them to the test ever since. This review is focused on the foundation, but as I use the other products more I'll probably end up writing reviews on them too.

This is a matte foundation—a finish I normally stay away from because of my combination to dehydrated skin. I have a few dry patches on my face that foundations tend to cling to so I normally go for natural finishes or dewy foundations, but I've heard so many amazing things about this particular foundation (and still love my super old expired Lancome foundation) so I really wanted to give this a try. I even filmed a first impressions full day wear test  video that went up a few hours ago on my channel! Here's the video linked down below if you want to see what I thought the first time wearing it. If you want my full review; keep on reading!

This foundation really surprised me. First of all, the shade Bisque is a perfect match for my winter colour. It's very yellow so it's identical to my skin, so if you find foundations might look too yellow on you don't get that shade, but on me it's perfect. Most yellow undertone foundations are still too neutral for me so I was super pleased with the match.

The foundation is definitely matte, but I thought it would be full coverage. It's definitely a high medium coverage and could probably be built up to full, but I prefer how it looks with medium coverage because it looks more like real skin and the matte finish ends up being more of a 'natural' matte rather than looking too dry on me. At first it was a little bit dry, but after finishing the rest of my makeup, I noticed that it was setting in very nicely. It's one of those foundations that takes an hour or so to start looking really nice on your skin, which is amazing because on me that means it'll look amazing all day long.

This was a picture I took after wearing the foundation for about four hours. Makeup layered beautifully on top (especially the concealer) and I found that my bronzer, blush and highlighter wore longer than usual. My forehead, nose and sometimes chin can become shiny throughout the day, but with this foundation I found that it just looked more natural in those areas without anything breaking apart.

The only thing that I noticed after about eight hours of wear is that the foundation starts to settle into a few lines. On me it's under my mouth because I always contort my face to bite the inside of my cheek (weird... I know), but my forehead lines that ALWAYS look bad with a matte foundation looks completely fine as long as I bake it with a translucent powder for a few minutes after blending out my concealer.  Almost all of my foundations settle into my forehead and under my mouth so this isn't anything new for me, but I always like to mention it in reviews.

I included a quick clip that didn't make it into my first impressions video of a five hour check in below!

My final thoughts on this foundation is that I love it! It wears for a ridiculous amount of hours and looks amazing all day long. The coverage is perfect for me and it works on my entire face, even though my skin is dehydrated, which causes it to create extra oils in my T-zone, and I have dry patches as well. Other makeup sits on top very well, so that's really nice and the colour is a perfect match for me, which never happens.

I highly recommend trying this foundation out. If you have oily skin, check out Samantha's video review that she filmed during her 12 days of foundation series giving her full review and thoughts on this foundation (she loves it too!). That's it for this review. I hope you stick around to watch the full first impressions video on this foundation to see exactly how well it wore all day long.

See you soon!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

High-End Holiday Gift Guide
November 28, 20180 Comments

This is my pricier gift guide! It's not all necessarily high end, but some of the products are—in my opinion—too expensive to be considered affordable, especially depending on what they are for. If you haven't seen my Affordable Gift Guide, please go give that a read first and hopefully it will save you some cash this holiday season!

Skincare (Face and Body and Nails)

I am a huge believer in investing in your skin. I look way better when I take care of it, and my makeup does as well. This doesn't mean all of your skincare has to be expensive to work. In my Affordable Gift Guide I feature a few brands that are amazing and very affordable. These are just the products that I think are worth their hefty price tag that will work for someone in your life.

Chorus Supernatural Glycolic Facial Peel - I gave this product a full review so check that out first to see if anyone in your life would benefit from this! The link is an affiliate link so I do make money off any purchases using it. Even though I got this for free, I'm so happy with it and the bottle is massive so your $30 is going to go a very long way and show amazing results. Considering other similar products on the market, for the amount you get this is pretty affordable, but since this one item on it's own is $30, I'm considering it high-end!

Dermalogica is a wonderful brand to shop from if you really want to treat someone this holiday season. Check out my review on two of their products that I love to give you a good idea. Especially if the person you're shopping for has dehydrated skin like myself. I'm dreading the day I run out of my goodies because they are ridiculously expensive (I'm talking $50–$100+ range), but when I do I will likely purchase a few with my own money because they're just that good. You can also treat someone to a facial at a Dermalogica location for something extra special that they will be very grateful for!

Dr. Belmeur - When I wrote my review on some of their products it thought they were ok, but now that I've gone back to it I'm realizing just how amazing some of the products are, especially the night cream. They aren't ridiculously priced and work almost as well as Dermalogica products do, but my favourite item is still in the $50 range. It does last a very long time though!

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Cream - This stuff is magical. Here's a review and a post on the different uses this product claims to have. I do update that post as I use this product for different uses to let you know what I've tried and how it worked! This is absolutely amazing and has saved me in so many different situations. I use this almost every day somewhere on my body and recommend this to every person, even those of you with eczema since it has helped me with that as well!

Weleda Nail Care Pen - This is a life saver for anyone who constantly has messed up nails due to biting the skin around them! I gave this a review in a post from almost two years ago and I'm still loving it! Whenever my cuticles and skin around my nails are looking dry (or if I bite it) I use this pen and it patches it all up super quickly. If I put this on at night, I can tell a huge difference by the next morning. I added this to the high-end version because for a nail care pen, paying around $20 seems steep, but I love it and I'm so happy they sent me a backup (I'm still using the first one so I 100% believe it's worth the purchase). This would make a wonderful item to throw into a skincare package for someone who likes that type of thing!


Gift Cards! You seriously can't go wrong with a gift card to Sephora, MAC, Shoppers Drug Mart, or anywhere else that sells makeup! Figure out what the special person in your life enjoys (take note of the brands they talk about) and buy them a gift card to whichever store sells those products. You really can't go wrong with Sephora since they seem to carry the biggest variety of brands in stores and especially online for Canada. I always get a gift card every year (whether it be on Christmas or for my birthday) so a majority of my makeup spending is from my gift money.

Makeup Subscription Boxes - This is a tricky one, but I think it's a great idea if money isn't an issue for you. I've tried both Ipsy and Boxycharm, but there are many other options out there, especially if you don't live in Canada. I'm going to recommend Boxycharm since they are availabe here and I personally loved that the most.  Here's a review from summer of 2017! You can gift a subscription to anyone (one month, three months, a year, etc.) and just have it shipped to their house. This can be expensive, but the bigger the package you sign up for, the cheaper the price is per month. You get a lot of wonderful makeup and beauty products in Boxycharm so I highly recommend!

ESQIDO - Theres so much I love from this brand! You know by now that the Unisyn False Lashes are my favourite lashes ever! They are $22 USD so not crazy, but also not affordable. Their Lash Companion Glue is my favourite glue ever ($10 USD so not bad considering most glues are about that price in Canada) and let's not forget their Gel Eyeliner Pencils that are currently on sale for $12 USD (and yes I consider this high end because most eyeliners I own are about $5 CAD, but ones from Sephora are usually $20+). The first link is an affiliate link, but you can also use my code amys when purchasing from their website to receive a 10% discount on your order!

Kat Von D Shade + Light eyeshadow Palette - If you don't want to give a gift card, but the person you're shopping for loves makeup, especially eyeshadows, I think this palette is a great idea if they don't already own it. This contains pretty much every neutral shade you might need for creating basic eyeshadow looks, and also for throwing other eyeshadows on top that the individual may already own. I know there is a lot of controversy around the brand because of the owner's Anti-Vax beliefs, but I don't stop buying makeup from brands because of things like that because it seems like so many brands that I love end up getting into some big controversy and I'll honestly run out if I base my purchases on that. So if you don't care about the individuals beliefs and just care about good makeup, this palette is a perfect gift idea!
Image from

I wanted to also give a special shoutout to the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palettes, especially their Modern Renaissance palette, and Too Faced, mainly their Original Chocolate Bar palette.  I love all of these and think a lot of makeup lovers do as well. If a makeup lover in your life doesn't own any of these, definitely pick one up. I don't think they'll be disappointed! I searched 'too faced chocolate' on my own blog to see what pops up and I have it featured in a bunch of posts and videos in case you are curious!


Zoeva makeup brushes are my favourite! I have a video from years ago when I was blonde talking about them. These are very very pricey, but if you are looking to buy something special for someone who is very interested in makeup, this is the perfect gift. Good brushes can help the makeup you own go a long way and play a huge role in how your makeup works and looks. You can buy individual brushes, or brush sets. I own the Makeup Artist Zoe Bag kit that comes with 25 brushes, which is crazy expensive at over $280, but it's more affordable than a lot of their other sets, and way more affordable than purchasing them all separately or in multiple different sets.


I love my Juicy Couture perfume and even got one for Christmas last year. If someone in your life has been looking at a particular fragrance for a while and you have the money for it, get it. It makes a perfect gift and so many people associate fragrances with events, places and people so they will probably always remember you when they put it on!


So many good brands! My favourite overall hairline is from Saryna Key. Favourite hair oil is the Moroccan Oil Light. Schwarzkopf is amazing too, especially their fiberplex line, and Chorus Supernatural is great for colour treated hair. These brands are all higher end, but I think they're all worth it and even though I have received products from them for free, I have also purchased their products myself (literally every one of the brands) because I just love them that much!

That's it for my higher end gift guide for the holidays this year! I hope this was helpful and at least gave you some ideas for what to get the special people in your life. 

See you soon!